5 Reasons Why Sophie Turner Is The Real Style Star Of Game Of Thrones

When Game of Thrones first aired in 2011, no one could have predicted that Sophie Turner, the 13-year-old actress playing the naïve, slightly irritating character of Sansa Stark, would go on to become its most stylish star.

After all, the fashion world first fell in love with older co-stars Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington, who both went on to model for fashion houses; Clarke for Dior and Harrington for Jimmy Choo.

Yet it is Turner who has now surpassed them both, becoming fashion’s newest darling – not least Louis Vuitton, who has courted her as its latest muse.

With her icy-blonde hair, ethereal features and model build, clothes are always going to look great on Turner, but she’s undoubtedly got a knack for putting things together in a unique way – as does her stylist, Rebecca Corbin Murray. Here, we break down exactly why we think Turner has become the Thrones’ star most likely to be seen on a couture front row.

She’s Nailed That Model Off-Duty Look

Whether she’s rocking leggings and a crop top, double denim with a rockstar tee or shoulder-robing like a front row regular, there’s no denying that Sophie Turner has got the model-off-duty look down. She’s also aware of the power of a trophy piece: like her Louis Vuitton bag, USA leather jacket and cats-eye shades.

She’s Louis Vuitton’s Muse

Turner’s ascent to LV girl was rapid: she wore pretty much nothing else throughout awards season this January. Just like Nicholas Ghesquiere’s former actress muses, she possesses an ethereal, otherworldly look, making her the ideal fashion plate for his futuristic designs. Exhibit A: her Pierre Courrèges-inspired, space-age Sixties pleated leather mini, black fur jacket and over-the-knee white boots, worn to the Louis Vuitton show. Exhibit B: her daring BAFTAs gown, which featured a very low-cut design and thigh-high split, as well as a molten-silver sequinned skirt. Exhibit C: the Game of Thrones-inspired white and gold dress with side splits which she wore for the Met Ball.

She Can Work Trousers For Eveningwear

While many starlets stick to a simple formula of mega-watt dress + heels for red carpet events, Turner isn’t averse to mixing it up with a jumpsuit or smart trouser look. She’s particularly good when it comes to playing with silhouettes: we love it when she wears high-waisted flared looks – whether that’s with a high-neck or spaghetti straps.

She Can Do Classic Hollywood Glamour

If the occasion demands it, Turner is totally up for laying on the glitz and channelling Old Hollywood starlets like Veronica Lake. When she opts for these high-voltage looks she often sticks to classic colour palettes – black, metallic or red – but often mixes it up slightly with a more modern cut and silhouette. We particularly loved her Jessica Rabbit-esque assymetrical gown from Louis Vuitton (natch) that she wore to SAG Awards – a look that signalled she was a teen TV starlet no more.

She Knows The Power Of A Punkish Accessory

From her earring creeper at the Met Gala, to her Louis Vuitton futuristic boots and her spiky gold necklace, Turner loves adding a little bit of a rock star edge to her look via her accessories.

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