Catwalk Ready Instagram Shots Using Your Smartphone

Sponsored by Huawei.

When has a full fashion shoot ever been shot on a smartphone?

Our Instagram feeds are our visual diary of the world around us, showing off everything from that envy-inducing brunch your best mate is having to your fave celeb enjoying their fantastic holiday under the palm trees with their brand new statement wardrobe. We are used to seeing the finished outfit; the beautiful fabrics, prints, and shapes. We hear about bloggers’ inspiration – a trip to Morocco, a walk down the cobbled streets of Venice, even a morning smoothie. But how does social media inspire real life? Huawei wanted to take a deeper look into the world around us, (by us, I mean us crazed social media devotees,) and launched an Instagram fashion challenge in collaboration with five top UK fashion bloggers. For this delectable event, the bloggers were shot on the stylish Huawei P9, featuring a dual lens Leica camera, to show how a smartphone can capture amazing photos and videos with a professional camera effect. Take a peek at behind the scenes footage- also shot on the Huawei P9!

Huawei set out to create a unique look for the five bloggers, and hosted Love Cloth, Paige Joanna, Copper Garden, Joey London and Boy Meets Fashion for a styling day at London’s Mondrian Hotel.

Photography by Alex Lambrechts

The bloggers were styled by Calvin Opaleye (who styles celebs including Amber Rose), to create a look that represents their online life.

Photography by Alex Lambrechts

Image Credit- @coppergarden Instagram

Calvin took a look at their Instagram feeds to find the things they love, but created something outside of the usual photos of handbags and dresses.

Photography by Alex Lambrechts

Image Credit- @paigejoannaa Instagram

Calvin curated the looks using textures and colours taken from all sorts of places; buildings, streets, cars, beaches, morning coffees, bunches of flowers.

Photography by Alex Lambrechts

Image Credit- @joeylondonstyle Instagram

Each blogger was shot by street style photographer Alex Lambrechts on the streets of the South Bank using just a smartphone- the fabulous Huawei P9.

Photography by Alex Lambrechts

Image Credit- @loveclothblog Instagram

The shoot put the Huawai P9 camera to the test, with Alex saying- “The Huawei P9 has an exceptionally performing camera, with great potential… it has more professional controls and the image quality and output is astounding.”

Photography by Alex Lambrechts

Image Credit- @jaimelondonboy Instagram

Look through the gallery below to see more from the shoot and behind the scenes!


Capture high-quality photos to share on Instagram with the Huawei P9, co-engineered with Leica. The Huawei P9 is available to buy from Carphone Warehouse, EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

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