The Best Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style

As it happens...

Let’s just forget New York, London, Paris and Milan for one moment. Hear us out. Every season fashion critics, Insta-bloggers and influencers alike find yet another reason to fall for all things Scandi.

And it comes as no surprise, as twice a year the street style set are happily snapped on the quaint cobbled streets of Copenhagen, only for their pictures to go global.

But what is it about the Danish girls that has the world quickly adopting their Nordic traditions (just look at our newfound obsession with recreating hygge) and imitating their wardrobes? Three Ganni tees and an Acne biker to go please…

The Scandi set has invaded the streets once again for the bi-annual fashion week

Well, the Scandi fash pack have an uncanny knack at achieving the one thing we all set out to sartorially achieve. What is it you may ask? Well, the ability to look effortlessly chic of course.

With barely-there makeup, wide-cuff shirts and floor-skimming trackies - the Scandis have undoubtedly come up with a winning fashion formula. And the rest of us are desperately (if not a little embarrassingly) trying to replicate it.

Let the Scandi street style set inspire your wardrobe this season

If you ask us, Copenhagen should be added to the four fashion capitals of the world. Read: New York, London, Paris, Milan and Copenhagen. It has a rather nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

And this season, our northern neighbours have reminded us once more why they deserve a top spot for their globally renowned style.

We’ve rounded up the trends spotted on the streets you need to adopt ASAP in order to fake it as a Scandi this season:

Pay Sartorial Tribute To The Noughties

We didn’t see this one coming from the Scandi set either. The Juicy Couture tracksuit is the epitome of noughties Marmite fashion. We were warned about the comeback last July by Demna Gvasalia, as Vetements collaborated with the brand for the spring/summer ’17 couture collection (yes, you read that correctly), which featured the velour co-ords once donned by Paris Hilton.

Yes, we didn't see this coming either

If anything, consider this as sartorial evidence that athleisure is a non-mover in the fashion charts, as it was spotted alongside champion trackies and wide-legged, striped sportswear. The Scandi fash pack seem to be embracing the noughties this season so guess what? We probably should too…

The Puffer Jacket Is A Non-Mover In The Fash Charts

Good news! The puffer jacket is here to stay this season so if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect quilted number, there’s still time. It was no longer coveted in candyfloss pink however, as the Scandi tribe opted for primary colours on the streets.

Channel the eighties with bold red and pinched-in waists

Swap pastel hues for tractor red and athletic blues this season. And note - the Scandis are belting their puffers up tight or draping them across their shoulders.

Re-invent the puffer this season

In need of inspo? Make sure to check out our round-up of the most perfect puffers on the market RN.

The Cult Tee

Every season the Danish girls introduce us mere mortals to the must-have tee. Even though the same thing happens every fashion week. By the time we track down the cult top, the item is likely to have sold out. But forget the Ganni pineapple emblazoned tee and the ‘Space Cowboy’ number we all dashed to purchase, as there’s a new kid on the block.

Introducing the cult tee of the season...

The Gucci tee is a fierce contender this season against the likes of the celebrity coveted dinosaur jumper by Coach.

Add this to the top of your shopping list this season

Paired with Italian-hued trackpants and camel coats, the tee is a sartorial winner in our books.

Swap The Top For A Dress

We’re all familiar with the Scandi set’s ability to layer up. Why else do you think we hoard silky slip dresses and crisp white tees come summer?

Master the Scandi art of layering this season

But what we hadn’t considered doing before is donning a dress over jeans. Until now. Opt for a checked (and ruffled) spaghetti-strapped dress and layer over a simple black turtleneck. Finish with blue jeans and a cross-body bag. A little more stylish than our original try-hard noughties get-up? No?

Don The Canadian Tux

Yes, double denim has been spotted on the quaint streets of Copenhagen this season. Consider it yet another noughties throwback to add to your shopping list. This time around though, the street style set are even co-ordinating their accessories.

Double up your denim this season

So channel 2002 and don a denim miniature with a tie-belt shirt and jeans. Throw a camel coat over the get-up and you’re good to go. Trust us, it’s Scandi-approved.

The Ganni Knit

The cult Ganni jumper has made a comeback. Remember the candyfloss pink cableknit that everyone donned come fashion week? Well, it's re-emerged this season alongside a zip-up blue and cream knit.

Layer up your knit this season

And we can't get enough. Finish with a patent leather jacket, blue jeans and ankle boots - you're on to a sartorial winner.

The powder pink Ganni knit has made a comeback this season

Browse the best street style looks as they drop:


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