The Most Iconic Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Whether it's a royal wedding or the nuptials of the Insta-famous, nothing captures our sartorial imagination like a bridal gown.

While pouring over acres of organza and vintage lace isn't exactly the edgiest of fashion pursuits, even the most stone-hearted of cynics will admit that there's still something captivating about the idea of the big white dress - particularly when the dress in question is worn by a Hollywood A-lister or a real life princess.

From traditional styles like Audrey Hepburn's demure Balmain and Grace Kelly's high-necked lace to Solange's rule-breaking white jumpsuit and Bianca Jagger's nonchalant YSL skirt-suit, the best wedding outfits are unforgettable, influencing our own bridal get-ups for years to come.

Call us hopeless romantics, but we've delved through the archives to bring you some of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time. And yes, Kate Middleton gets a mention...


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