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Inside Riccardo Tisci's Lavish 40th Birthday Bash With The Star's Instagram Snaps

Inside Riccardo Tisci's Birthday Party With The Stars


Never has a 40th birthday been so fash-tastic. But this is no ordinary birthday party, oh no! This is the birthday party for Riccardo Tisci - creative director of Givenchy and legendary party animal.

Mr Tisci turns 40 on 8th August and is celebrating his milestone in Ibiza with his nearest and dearest (ie: the industry's biggest names). Expect several days of non-stop revelry and fabulous debauchery.

Here's Mossy 'avin a laff at Riccardo's big birthday bash in Ibiza

Thanks to social media, we've got a sneak peek into the big bash (as well as a healthy dose of FOMO). So far, we know the guest list is headed up by the Kardashian Krew, including Kim, Kanye and Kendall as well as mama Kris. Justin Bieber is also in attendance after causing quite a ruckus on the party isle.

According to Page Six, guests were greeted with the release of white balloons and a Spanish guitar player while Kanye serenaded Tisci. He then toasted the designer, saying that Tisci “inspired” him and “is influential to a generation.” N'aww.

Naturallement, the party is flooded with the world's top models. We're talking Joan Smalls, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss who's just returned from a detox holiday - and hasn't it paid off! Mossy looks as foxy as ever showing off her abs in a teeny green bikini.

And it sounds like a pre-detox was required for the escapades to come. Rumour has it that the guests will continue the birthday journey from Ibiza to Monaco before ending up in St. Tropez. We've rounded up the best snaps from the anniversaire in the gallery below so stay tuned as the party rages on (and on)...

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