J-Law Proves The BFF Relatability Thing Still Isn’t Boring

How though?

Aside from an impressive IMDb page, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much known for being the whole world’s wannabe best friend. She falls over on the red carpet, she jet skis with Amy Schumer, she’s sick at Oscars after parties… Pretty much nothing our actual best friends do, but still it’s inexplicably appealing.

As brand ambassador — so relatable, am I right? — she features in Dior’s new social campaign, Dior Love Chain.

The actress is asked: 'What would you do for love?'

Rihanna answered: ‘You have to give love to get love’.

Bella Hadid said: ‘Anything’. Very Meatloaf.

And J-Law? ‘I would pretend sleeping in sexy underwear is comfortable’.

Hilarious. And so true. (How does she do it?)

Speaking to WWD, president and chief executive of the perfumery, said the goal for the campaign is ‘to give the floor to people to talk about the universal and timeless theme of love, and what they would do for love… to make a global chain that’s absolutely incredible — and viral’.

The brand is asking you, the people, to share your answers using the hashtag #diorlovechain. For every post Parfums Christian Dior will donate $1 to charity WE Movement.

So, parting question: what would you do for love?

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