Jeremy Corbyn: Accidental Fashion Icon?

Dear Jeremy,

We’re loving your style. No, really, it’s true. And this is important.

That you smashed the general election, emotionally speaking at least, galvanised Britain’s youth and triggered a political revolution in the process is one thing, but to base your look on Vetements, the ineffably cool haute street label while doing so is beyond genius.

The big question is: are you in cahoots with Demna Gvasalia, the man behind Vetements? Did you, in fact, hold a secret style summit in Switzerland ahead of the label’s #NOSHOW-show in Paris? Based on the evidence – the photos of “real” people wearing Vetements on the streets of Zurich, taken by Demna himself, and shown as an exhibition in a multi-storey car park at Paris’ menswear fashion week – we’d like to think the answer is a firm, yes.

That by-now-famous picture of you in a train loo, the one with you wearing the navy cap, visor lenses and ill-fitting suit appeared uncannily similar to Herr Grumpy in Zurich, bar the stonewash jeans – but we know if you did a jean, they’d be just like that: too short, with a white sock and suede granddad lace-up. Or take your photo-op moment juggling oranges in your favourite 1980s beige Harrington jacket; a dead ringer for the tousle-haired youth in his Vetements rain mac, even accessorised with a bag - of oranges! And can we please draw your attention to the shell suit situation – TOTAL VETEMENTISATION. JEZZ! YOU. ARE. NAILING. IT!!!

We totally get what you’re doing. And we approve. We also understand why Demna is so in to you, the least likely fashion icon on the planet. Because, well, you’re the least likely fashion icon on the planet! So intensely uncool, you’re intensely cool, see? It’s the credibility factor: you do what you say and you say what you do. But to be always so visually on message, well, it’s a virtuoso fashion performance. You don’t just look like the people, you ARE the people. Simple. Fashion integrity personified. This goes way beyond the democratisation of fashion. You are the everyday embodiment of the Vetements ideal, a walking-talking billboard for Demna’s #NOCAMPAIGN- campaign.

Anyway, Jezza, we wanted to congratulate you on your secret collaboration, although… BUSTED! And, we’re with you – ‘heads and hearts’ – right down to your geeky cyclist kit. And, please, much more of the socks n sandals. In fact, don’t change a thing!

Yours sincerely,

The Grazia Fashion Desk

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