Every Time Kate Middleton Has Repeated An Outfit


Every Time Kate Middleton Has Repeated An Outfit

Because if the Duchess of Cambridge likes something enough to wear it twice, it must be really, really nice.

She's only gone and done it again.

Last night, Kate was every inch the princess in a red Jenny Packham gown finished with the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara. The glittery piece was first designed for Queen Mary by Garrard in 1914. The tiara is thought to be a favourite of Kate's and includes 19 diamond arches, each finished with a single pearl.

Kate attended the Queen's Diplomatic Reception last night

It is the second time the Duchess of Cambridge has worn the Jenny Packham dress as she first donned the gown to a State banquet for the President Xi of China back in October 2015.

Kate Middleton is quite the thrifty Royal having reworn yet another staple piece from her inimitable wardrobe. On a recent visit to Luton with Prince William, Kate donned a rather familiar floral dress. First worn back in 2014 on their Australian tour, the Duchess brought back the LK Bennett number and we don't blame her.

The Duchess of Cambridge brought back the LK Bennett floral dress this week, after first wearing the look in 2014

Because you know when you wear something that you think you look really nice in, and you can’t wait to wear it again?

Imagine that feeling, except that you’re the Duchess of Cambridge and every time you step foot outside, the world chronicles exactly what you wear, how much you spent on it, and what you look like in it.

Yes, sorry about that, Kate.

But all this means that when Kate does repeat an outfit, she must really love it.

Here are (almost) all the outfits the Duchess of Cambridge has recycled over the years. (BTW: That McQueen military ensemble? How much restraint must she have not to wear it every day?)



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