Lily-Rose Depp's Best Fashion Moments So Far

If you're anything like us, then looking back on your teenage wardrobe provokes some serious cringing and self-questioning. Why did we think that 'Save the Rave' slogan t-shirts were a legitimate style choice? Why did we own so many pairs of coloured tights? And why so much highly flammable material?

Not so for Lily-Rose Depp. While the aspiring actress is only just turning 18, she has already clocked up a ridiculously impressive fashion CV, with cover appearances for Vanity Fair and Love magazines, a star turn in Chanel's couture show and an eyewear campaign for the same brand to her name. Oh, and she's also the face of the fashion house's latest fragrance, No. 5 L'Eau, a fresher and more youthful take on a perfume icon. Impressive work.

Lily-Rose Depp's sartorial nous comes naturally, if her 15-year-old style is anything to go by

As the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and musician Vanessa Paradis, impeccable style runs in Lily-Rose's DNA, so it's unsurprising that she has emerged as one to watch in the red carpet fashion stakes.

Cannes Film Festival; Venice Film Festival (right), 2016

Yet in terms of looks, it is her mother whom she takes after; her tiny frame, sleepy eyes and entrancing gaze (very Tim Burton-esque) is what makes her presence on the red carpet so felt, and her confidence so palpable.

Met Gala; Cannes Film Festival; Venice Film Festival, 2016

Already a clear favourite of Karl Lagerfeld, she often opts for Chanel - but that's not to say that she's averse to taking risks. After all, this is the girl who made her Cannes Film Festival debut in a hoodie and matching shorts (albeit a seriously fancy hoodie and matching shorts...) We salute you, Lily-Rose!

Toronto Film Fesitval; Paris Fashion Week and Cesar Revelations

Chanel muse-turned-Chanel bride: walking in the Chanel show, 2016

She may be a teenager new to the fashion world and the limelight, but her aura on the red carpet and her fashion choices are what make her seem beyond her years. Also, unlike every other 18-year-old in the world, she hardly even bothers with social media, and isn't a part of the celebrity offspring crowd. This millennial is on her own journey, but always wearing Chanel, of course.

Paris Fashion Week; Met Gala; Cannes Film Festival 2017

See Lily-Rose's best style moments to date in the gallery below...


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