Lottie Moss Shares Her Festival Style Tips At Coachella

Being one of the best-dressed people at a festival runs in Lottie Moss’s blood. After all, as the younger half-sister of top model Kate, she’s inherited a knack for pulling together chic but practical outfits that will take her from Glastonbury to Coachella.

Like her big sister, she favours a boho look, describing her style as ‘rock chick meets bohemian,’ with a penchant for the latest Converse (she loves the dusty pink ones), off-the-shoulder crop tops (the one she’s wearing today is from Topshop) and a ton of accessories including anklets, chokers and necklaces, plus her faithful sunnies and a little pouch bag to keep all of her belongings in (water and suncream are her two essentials).

A Glastonbury veteran, this is Lottie’s first Coachella, and she’s come prepared – with two suitcases of clothes (one with just Converse). ‘I went to Glastonbury last year so I can see the contrast with Coachella. For a start, there’s palm trees! The weather’s nicer here, and people care a lot more about their fashion. Everyone here coordinates their outfits, they are up early – at Glastonbury some people just wear the same outfit for four days straight. It’s quite nice to get this dressed up – and not to wear wellies – I don’t miss coordinating all of my outfits to go with them.’

So without further ado, here are Lottie’s 5 top tips for the perfect festival wardrobe.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. ‘I hate it when you’re trying to put stuff together and you realise, ‘that doesn’t go with that’. You need coordinated outfits.’

Think practicality over trends. ‘It doesn’t matter how good you want to look, if it’s completely impractical it will ruin your time – you can’t wear heels to a festival, even if you might like to! How do you walk around all day in those? My feet would be in pieces!’

It’s the perfect excuse for a new wardrobe. ‘I went on a shopping spree and got so much stuff before coming to Coachella. I haven’t brought any of my old summer stuff – all new outfits. I came really over-prepared which is good so I’ve got loads of choices.’

Don’t forget layers. ‘I’ve seen a lot of girls in England wearing the skimpiest crop tops and tiniest shorts and they haven’t brought a jacket for when it gets cold at night. Always bring a jacket!’

Have fun and experiment with your look. ‘I loved Kylie Jenner’s hair from last year – I’d really like to do that with a wig and all different coloured hair. I’ll definitely do it next year when I’m a bit more with it. You’d have to prep months in advance to get the wig made, but it would be really fun and totally worth it.’

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