How To Make Your SS17 Investment Purchases Last

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If you’re anything like Team Grazia, then you’re already thinking hard about your investment purchases for SS17. You may have already sprinkled out a few quid on some flowy pieces as the weather warms up. However, you’ve been keenly watching trends as you contemplate your big buys for this season. What will go with what? What will you get the most use out of? What do you love the most? That powder pink blazer? Those flared pyjama pants? That blouse with the to-die-for statement sleeves?

Whatever pieces you choose to splurge on, there’s nothing worse than having one of your favourite new items ruined by an unfortunate event such as a coffee spill, a makeup smear or a sweat stain. So we’ve put together three amazing hacks, featuring Ariel that will protect your much loved pieces.

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Ariel’s advice for makeup smears and sweat stains is to pre-treat the product with Ariel liquid and it’s pre-treat cap.The fins of the cap really spread the liquid on the stain, and rub the cleaning agents deeper, yet gently into the fibres. Then, wash with Ariel 3in1Pods as normal at the hottest temperature indicated on the care label to Clean your clothes Like New. For more questions on tough stain removal click here.

Coffee Spills

A big brown blob on your favourite top is heart-breaking, but often inevitable if you run a busy schedule. If you’ve previously thrown what you thought was ruined in the trash, think again for your new and beloved SS17 item. We've tried out a few methods and we found out that all it takes is to soak the garment for 15 minutes in warm water, a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and a tablespoon of washing powder. Then just rinse it in cold water and wash as normal with an Ariel 3in1 pod.

Makeup Smears

It seems like lipstick and other unshakable makeup products would be impossible to remove from clothing. But, it can be done. We tried a handy can of hairspray to lift the product off the material, and it actually worked. Then, we just washed it as normal!

Sweat Stains

Yes, unfortunately, ladies do indeed sweat. So, before washing as normal, we recommend adding lemon juice to water and dabbing with a cloth to banish those god-awful sweat stains.

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