Meet Your Newest Statement Tee Obsession

'Keep The Snakes Away Unless They Gucci'

First there was Maria Chiuri Grazia's 'We Should All Be Feminists' tee for Dior. Then that Gucci t-shirt, worn by seemingly everyone on Instagram. Even Chanel has got a statement tee - a '90s-tastic design that says 'Viva Coco Libre'.

And now we've found your next statement tee obsession - on Instagram, of course.

Egyptian student-turned-designer Dana Frid's creations play on our current obsession with all things branding: several tees just say 'Chanel' or 'Versace' but others feature witty wordplay inspired by song lyrics and the zeitgeist - think Instagram-honed language and meme culture mixed with the biggest designer fashion houses.

'I listen to a lot of R & B and rap songs,' Frid explained to US Vogue. 'Their lyrics always mention luxury brand names and that’s what initially inspired the slogans.'

Indeed, one of the designs features a line from Frank Ocean's song Chanel: 'I see both sides like Chanel' - a play on the iconic double C logo.

Another says 'Keep the snakes away unless they Gucci', a reference to being 'snakey' (a term you'll know well if you followed the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama last summer or have an addiction to Love Island) which basically means being sneaky or deceptive.

Currently only available to order via email (deets on Dana's Instagram account) we're pretty positive we'll be seeing influencers wearing these soon - get yours now before you see them everywhere.

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