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Mulberry Collaborates With Mackintosh To Create An Ever So British Raincoat

Mulberry Collaborates With Mackintosh To Create An Ever So British Raincoat

This morning we have fallen head over stilettos for a coat, as Mulberry have announced that they have teamed up with British heritage brand Mackintosh to create the raincoat of our dreams. The super cute coat has the classic Mackintosh shape, with Mulberry signature flower buttons and a Mulberry Heritage Check lining. It's as British as puddles; definitely something to queue for.

Let's give you a quick fashion history lesson, shall we? The Mackintosh cloth was created by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh (at some point he added the k) to protect against the stubborn British rain. The Mackintosh coat is still being made in the same way since 1823, as it is almost made entirely by hand, with one tailor working on a coat from cutting to the final touches. Each craftsman serves a three-year apprenticeship to learn how to make the perfect Mac.

If you weren't tempted to splurge already Mulberry have created a beautiful video, showing the coat being made in a traditional Scottish mill, from the pattern cutting to adding the lining to sewing on the buttons. We advise you put in your headphones before you click play, as it is accompanied by a band of very energetic bagpipes.

Sadly we'll have to wait until January to get our paws on the Mac which is part of the brand's Spring Summer 2014 collection. But from Friday 6 December a limited edition version with polka-dot sleeves and Mulberry buttons will be available exclusively on

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