The Cool-Girl French T-Shirt Taking Over Our Instagram Feed

What does your T-shirt say about you? Not something we ever really considered in that much detail before TBH. Yes, we have that go-to simple white top from Zara we’ll revert to in times of Clueless-style closet chaos. But as a status symbol? Collectors’ item of the future? A focal point of an outfit? Hmm, not so much.

Inevitably this changed once the spring/summer ’17 collections started flooding in. Look-at-me, flashy branded tees soon earned major stamps of approval; call it the Gucci-effect and the ‘80s trend enjoying another fashion merry-go-round. Remember that £320 Gucci logo shirt? Kendall Jenner’s ode to Carrie Bradshaw donning a ‘Dior Addict’ graphic tee? And you’ll have no doubt spotted fashion editor’s lusting over Sezane's red and white L'Amant popular it had waiting list.

Instagram / @rouje

And now let us introduce you to do the latest ‘It’ tee you’re about to see everywhere this summer (read, get in there quick!): the €49 REMI ‘Rouje’ tee. Not so familiar with this Paris-based brand? For those who want to inject a little je ne sais quoi into their holiday wardrobe you need this chic and affordable label on your radar, founded by French street style regular Jeanne Damas (check out her enviably stylish life on Instagram - with 498K followers and counnting).

Instagram / @rouje

‘I wanted to create my perfect wardrobe every six months and work with my talented friends,’ Damas tells Grazia. ‘The latest Rouje collection is inspired by Italian women from the 60's. But I also love the ‘70s simplicity of women like Charlotte Rampling or Lauren Hutton.’

Nonchalantly elegant Parisian style just a click away (they now ship to the UK)? You. Are. Welcome.

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