A Bath Robe Was Shown At NYFW, And We’re Living For It

We’ve all experienced that moment of pure unadulterated joy when slipping on a fluffy hotel bath robe. It’s the soft, cosy feeling of luxury. And though we may have even been tempted to wander down to the breakfast buffet in it, how many can say they’ve attended a fashion show dressed in one? The desire to spend all day lazing in bed is something that we all struggle with. And, while pyjamas as day, and even evening, apparel is nothing new, designers Vaquera moved loungewear into uncharted territory at their spring summer 2018 New York Fashion Week show. Though supermarkets regularly get riled at the sight of a customer dressed in a microfiber grown, the avant-garde Brooklyn label solidified the robe’s high fashion status. Tradition states that the final look at couture shows is an exquisite white bridal gown. In keeping with convention to some degree, Vaquera’s oversized bath robe, which closed their show, took on the silhouette of a bridal ball gown. Recalling the Duchess of Cambridge’s famous wedding dress, Vaquera’s robe dress has a full skirt that trailed to the floor and a neckline that delicately graced the model’s décolletage. Though loungewear isn’t anything new - Marlene Dietrich made the case for pyjamas outside the confines of the bedroom back in the 1930s, and Hugh Hefner has always favoured a dressing gown - Vaquera’s bath robe takes the biscuit. This is the living, breathing incarnate of the I-Woke-Up-Like-This meme.

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