The World’s Biggest Zara Will Open This Week

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No, this is not a dream.

According to WWD, Zara is set to open the world’s largest store this Friday.

Spanning an impressive 65,000 square feet (just imagine the sheer number of clothing rails you could squeeze in there), the store will boast womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and accessories all in one, almighty place.

According to the report, the store will also be equipped with the latest in shopping technology. Yes, the self-service checkout may finally be making an appearance alongside 'smart' dressing rooms and mobile payments. And just like that, we bid farewell to our wage...

The store is based in its homeland of Madrid in the capital's financial district, Paseo de la Castellan and will subsequently become the 436th Zara in Spain. Remind us why we don't live there?

According to reports, the impressive glass-front building will double up as both an incredible store and office space.

Not planning on visiting the capital anytime soon? No need to fear, as the Spanish giant also proposes to build new flagship stores in Qatar, India and Japan later this year.

Let’s just say, we've finally decided where we're going on holiday this summer…

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