21 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Regular At The Zara Sales

When it comes to shopping in Zara, the average customer requires a certain set of skills. You need a great deal of patience (have you seen the queues?), knowledge (do you know your TRF from your Studio?) and hawk-like senses (the shoes are below eye level) to survive the often over-populated/over-heated store.

But the sales demand a whole other set of specialised skills we're not all blessed with. Famous for mountainous piles of mismatched jeans and an over complicated returns system (FYI never throw away your receipts), the Zara sales can be tricky to navigate. If you're an amateur that is.

But for those of you who dedicate your lunch breaks to sourcing that bell-sleeved top everyone is coveting at half price, here are 21 things you can probably relate to this sales season...

1. You strategically bide your time

Only an amateur would shop the sales when they first drop. Everyone knows prices will decrease by a significant amount after a few days…

2. You dress for the occasion

Trainers? Check. Tee that's easy to whip off? Check. Rule number one, you mustn't waste valuable shopping time in the changing rooms. And is it just us or have you noticed the all-year-round tropical climate in Zara?

3. You know your local Zara inside out

Most importantly, you know where the mirrors are.

4. You discover that half of your wardrobe is now in the sale

Now everyone is going to own the leather biker you spent £99.99 on. Sigh.

5. You wonder where some of these clothes have been hiding this whole time

You’ve never seen that suede skirt before and you skim the ‘new in’ section of the website, app and window displays on a daily basis.

6. After spotting the pile-up of clothes in the corner, you almost walk out, until you find your jumper you've been coveting for three months


7. Your heart skips a beat when you walk into the store and spot a fellow customer ahem rival carrying the shoes you’re after

You begin to follow her around the shop until she decides they’re not for her (and you can swoop in and claim what's rightfully yours)…

8. Items are finally priced as they should be

Bring on the £25.99 tags you often dream about.

9. You wish you were one of those customers who know what Zara size they are so you didn’t have to line up in the changing room queue

Wait, do those people even exist? There's a fine line between S, M and L. There needs to be more clarification people.

10. The six item rule is a major conundrum when it comes to sales shopping

‘Can you hold onto these and I’ll let you know when I’m ready to swap?’

11. You spend forever in the changing room sending selfies to your group chat

But they’re not replying fast enough…

12. So you resort to texting your mum to ask which of the three suede jackets you should buy

‘No they do not all look the same’…

13. You question whether you should buy the fake tan tinged top

It will probably wash out, right? But then what if it doesn’t? Will they let you return it? Probably not…

14. Wait, there’s the shoes you saw online! But hang on, where’s the other one?

You collar over a busy sales assistant (who has piles of jeans in her hands) and insist they join you on the hunt for the left shoe.

15. You buy items that are out of season because they're in the sale

If you don’t buy these pompom sandals now you may never get the chance again…

16. You sigh when you see the huge queue at the tills but join it anyway

And nod in acknowledgement when a fellow customer complains at the length of the queue. You’re all in this together.

17. You rejoice when you get to the till and discover that your top is actually £10 cheaper than you first thought

You basically made a profit.

18. You wonder if the Zara sale will ever end

It's been weeks. Where's the new collection at? Make room!

19. As you walk out you begin to question your choices

'It's probably too cold to wear these sandals isn't it?'

20. But you also regret the purchases you didn't make

'Do I have time to nip back in before my lunch break ends?' Probably not...

21. You ended up spending way more than you would have done if the sales weren't on

Surely that's not how it's supposed to work, is it?

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