Zara Has Finally Solved One Of Our Biggest Online Shopping Woes

Our wildest fashion prayers have finally been answered...

How many times have you bulk ordered the same dress in a multitude of sizes? Only to discover after several attempts that none of them fit quite right and you need to make the weekly pilgrimage to the post office to make the disappointing return... There is no greater sadness than a Zara-induced defeat.

But what if we told you that those days are set to be a thing of the past?

Yes, that's right. Zara has introduced a brand spanking new tool designed to enable users to find the perfect size the first time around, by entering your height, weight and preferred size.

Simply look for the new button, ‘What’s My Size?’ and follow the steps below:

Step One

When browsing the website, search for the new update which enables you to find your own size (it's the tiny blue button).

Step Two

Enter your height, weight and preferred fit. The Spanish fashion giant will then calculate the recommended size as if by magic...

Step Three

The tool will then let you know how many customers have also purchased the item in the same size and how likely it is to fit.

Step Four

If you're still unsure as to whether to part with your wages then you can narrow the search down even further. By selecting 'Add Information' you can now select your figure from the options given.

Step Five

The site will then ask you to select your body shape and age in the hope of reaching an even more precise size estimate.

Step Six

Now this is by far our favourite stage in the process. By selecting you bra size, you're limiting the chance of having to return the item even more. Just think of how great the newly launched shopping tool will be when it comes to sourcing the perfect swimsuit this summer...

Step Seven

And, voila! Zara will accurately calculate your ideal size. So make sure to keep the shopping tab saved at work and order as if there's no tomorrow.

This could be dangerous for our bank accounts...

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