5 Things You Need To Know About Grace Belgravia


5 Things You Need To Know About Grace Belgravia

5 Things You Need To Know About Grace Belgravia

Last week we had the pleasure of attending a supper club at Grace Belgravia, a private gym where members can relax and unwind in the heart of London. The twist with this exclusive club is that it's for women only. While men have spent centuries excluding women from their elite establishments, the founders of Grace sought the opportunity for females to come together under one roof, a roof named after the three graces in Greek Mythology, charm, beauty and creativity. We expect you'd feel quite charming, beautiful and creative after a personal training session with fitness guru Matt Roberts and a treatment in the Acqua Calda Spa, but the Grace mantra is 'inside out beauty', meaning that nutrition plays an integral part in the wellness programme. It is this holistic approach to health that makes it a truly unique venue. The price may be high, but the perks are plenty with a café, Atelier and medical centre to name a few...

1. Grace is not just a gym

The impressive 11,500 sq. ft. space is described as a private gallery ‘dedicated to the art of living well’. With crisp white walls and natural light flooding through the Grade II listed building, Grace plays host to an artist in residence, as well as regular events from musical performances to a mindfulness course. If you didn't want to commit to the gym, but still wanted to be part of the club, Supper Club membership gives you access to the Salon, Grace Café and Apothecary Bar from 6.30pm-10pm Monday through to Friday when you can attend all the activities on the schedule and bring up to 3 female (or male!) guests at a time. The next event is 'Classic Album Tuesday' on 22nd October with music extraordinaire Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy.

2. Matt Roberts will help you reach your goals

Whether that’s losing weight, toning up or just letting off some steam (as the saying goes), personal trainer Roberts uses a unique methodology specifically created with the female body in mind. Each member is treated individually with a work out designed to suit their fitness level and aspirations, body type and schedule using a choice of exercise regimes from TRX, spinning and VIPR to Pilates, dance and yoga.


3. It's a dedicated place where women can take care of themselves

Founders Kate Percival, Chris O'Donaghue and Timothy Evans have created an environment, which combines a traditional gym with a medical practice. Members of Grace have access to 11a West Halkin Street, a private clinic run by Medical Director Evans whose clients include (among others) the ACTUAL Queen, so you know you're in a safe pair of hands. As well as doctors, practitioners and therapists there are also nutritionists, acupuncturists and more on hand.

4. The café promotes good eating habits

Exemplifying the mantra, open kitchen, honest food; the Grace café demonstrates that a positive attitude to food is integral to a holistic approach to health. A menu of protein-rich and low GI dishes are served from breakfast through to dinner, and members can bring in a guest for evening meals from 6.30pm. But if you don’t have time to dine on the premises, almost all the dishes can be prepared to go so there's really no excuse for that ready-meal.

5. There’s a Junior membership

Rather generously it’s offered to guests between the ages of 21-30 (excuse us while we happily re-categorise ourselves as 'Junior'). Enjoying benefits including 10x grooming treatments per year, complimentary group classes and 3 personal training sessions, Junior members pay £220 per month + a joining fee. They also get to treat a friend to a meal in the café - we heartily recommend the chocolate and beetroot cake when your sweet tooth calls.

For more information, visit www.gracebelgravia.com.

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