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Rumours Are Swirling That Alexa Chung And Alexander Skarsgard Are Dating

Are Alexa Chung And Alexander Skarsgard Dating?

Are Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard an item? We only ask because the True Blood star and the fashionista were spotted engaging in a spot of PDA when they grabbed breakfast at a New York café on Tuesday. Comedien Hayley Sacks clocked the pair at the Bluebird Coffee shop and took a sneaky snap of them which she quickly posted to Instagram. In between dining on avocado toast she reports they were very touchy feely.

'I try not to post blurry pictures on Instagram BUT I am in the middle of breaking an important celebrity news story and so rules don't really apply. That is Alexa Chung! I just saw her with Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood,' she captioned the snap. 'They were eating avocado toast and rubbing each other's lower backs. No one knows they are dating yet except ME and now you,’ she added.

Alexa, 31, and Alex, 38, were also spotted out together looking 'cosy' the night before at the Father John Misty show at the Bowery Ballroom according to US reports. 'They were deep in conversation,' an onlooker said. 'He seemed really laid-back and she seemed super animated and into him.'

She’s one of the most eligible bachelorettes out there and he is truly hot property, so rumours of romance seem only natural. Plus, they have the same name so it’s a no brainer... 'They were very touchy-feely and at one point were full-on kissing!’ US sources say.

Alexander dated Kate Bosworth from 2009 - 2011 [Getty]
The actor – who plays vampire Eric Northman in the hit HBO show - has been keeping people guessing as to who exactly is his current squeeze. He was spotted with Tarzan co-star Margot Robbie, 24, bar hopping during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last month so is obviously keeping his options open. Alex also dated actress Kate Bosworth for two years but the pair split in July 2011.

Alexa and Chris Martin got tongues wagging when they were reportedly spotted enjoying a drink together in New York back in May after his split with Gwyneth Paltrow although reps for the Coldplay star shot down the rumours at the time.

Alexa was also reported to be dating vocalist Matt Hitt of the rock band Drowner in August, and reuniting with ex Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, but perhaps she’s bored of boyband rockers now...

By Sofia Zagzoule

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