British beauty Alexa Chung (L\\\'Oreal Professionnel INOA Campaign)


Alexa Chung Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Want to know Alexa Chung's beauty secrets?

When it comes to our beauty crushes, there’s no denying that the gorgeous Alexa Chung is high on our lust list. What’s more, back in June, the British born beauty was unveiled as the official L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Colour Ambassador. Way to go, Alexa! If, like us, you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for the inside scoop on Alexa’s grooming secrets, rejoice fellow Graziettes, as your dreams might finally be coming true! Alexa was talking to Grazia fave about her role for L’Oreal Professionnel last week, and we managed to sneak a few snippets from the exclusive interview, the full extent of which will be available tomorrow on Read on and learn, ladies…

(L'Oreal Professionnel INOA Campaign)

1. She loves the sun-kissed look: “I recently dyed my hair and while I wouldn’t say I’m a blonde, my hair is definitely lighter. I like to call it ‘sun kissed’. My colourist Jose Quijano from Neville Hair and Beauty is an INOA Colour Expert and he used the new Ultra Blond colours. We went for a natural look, I wanted it to look like I’d been on holiday and the sun had just lightened my hair.”

2. She likes a classic look: “I’m not renowned for doing wacky, bold hair colours, my style is generally quite classic and subtle and I don’t like anything too O.T.T. I think hair is a really important part of your look and if your hair looks bad – you feel bad!”

3. **She likes to change her hair colour with the seasons:** “When I was darker, it worked really well with my winter wardrobe as the all-over tone was quite sophisticated. Being lighter is a bit more fun for summer!”

4. **Her thoughts on the Alexa:** “It’s so lovely that people think I’m a hair icon but they must be mad! When my hair is referenced as ‘The Alexa’ I’m like, what’s the Alexa? I think I’ve just got good hairdressers that make my hair look lovely.”

5. **On her future beauty plans: “**I’m tempted to chop my hair off into a bob again but I’m keeping it this length and colour for the summer. I feel more myself when I’ve got a bob, although I think boys prefer long hair. I might go a bit darker again for winter as I really liked my hair when Jose used the INOA Mocha shades – it was so shiny and looked really healthy.”

6.**The secrets behind ‘The Alexa’: **“I’m super low maintenance when it comes to my hair, I don’t like anything too structured or done. I just wash it, apply oil to my ends to get rid of any frizz and keep it looking shiny, blow-dry my fringe and let the rest air dry for natural texture and wave.”

For the full interview, log on to tomorrow! (L'Oreal Professionnel INOA Campaign)**

Check out Alexa's best hair moments in the gallery below. Which is your favourite?

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