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Cara Delevingne Has Twitter Feud With US Vogue After She Slept Through Interview

Cara Delevingne Slept Through Her US Vogue Interview

The latest issue of US Vogue features an interview with Cara Delevingne, but there was a small problem. Writer Plum Sykes was unable to get as many quotes as she hoped for because Cara fell asleep. Sykes writes: "Dear reader, to misquote Oscar Wilde, can I say that to oversleep once for a Vogue interview may be regarded as a misfortune, but to oversleep twice looks like carelessness?"

With a lack of sound bites from the model, the profile focuses on Cara's sleeping patterns. They were supposed to spend the entire day together, starting off with a massage so that they could both be "relaxed" for the interview. But the model dozed off on the table and woke up at the end of the alloted interview time saying: "I'm so sorry!!! I fall asleep everywhere!" Sykes points out that perhaps she was so sleepy because she was reportedly out until 5am the night before with Lily Allen.

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By the sounds of things Cara often struggles to stay awake. Tim Walker who shot Cara's Mulberry campaigns said: "Every shoot I've done with her, she's fallen asleep… She slept for seven hours on one Mulberry shoot." A whole feature on Cara's sleeping patterns might seem like sufficient coverage, but according to Cara you could write a BOOK of her sleepy ways. Cara said to Vogue: "Someone recently asked if they could publish a book of pictures of me sleeping, because there are so many.”

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Cara Delevingne took to Twitter yesterday to have her say on the interview. "Why do people in the industry lie so much???? They would rather see you fail than succeed. What happened to supporting each other." Not many models would start a feud with US Vogue but Cara tweeted: 'It's even worse when your trying to fight people that have all the power because then you are powerless.' Read all of her tweets below...

Read the full interview here. See Cara's style file in the gallery below...

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