The Cross Body Bags Your Wardrobe Needs

There's no style of handbag better suited to showing off than that of the cross-body bag. Draped luxuriously across your body, resting proudly in front, who could fail to miss it?

The strap, the clasp, the embellishments, the branding... all of it, there on display, to be complimented, coveted and admired.

And that's just its aesthetic credentials. Let's not forget its practicality – like how far less likely it is that your wallet will get pinched when it's residing right under your nose.

Elsa Hosk and Jessica Alba are fans of crossbody bags when out and about

Be it the Mulberry Clifton, the J. Crew Signet bag or the Michael Kors cross body bag, the designer options are limitless. Perfect for festival season, a spot of shopping or, you know, just out and about on walks, the cross-body bag simply must – must – be a staple in your wardrobe.

Check out this season's must-buy designs (and buy them!)...


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