We Have Evidence That This Is The Jewellery Trend Everyone Is Coveting

You may have spotted the cult item pinched to the earlobes of Insta-bloggers…

You can’t argue with the facts. According to Pinterest, there has been a 74 percent increase in fashion devotees saving pins of hoop earrings. Yes, we didn’t see that one coming either.

You may be sat there claiming that you’re not one to wear a whole lot of jewellery. You’ve surpassed the stage in your childhood where you would layer velvet chokers with beaded necklaces alongside excessively stacked mood rings.

But most of all, you’ve forgotten the last time you traded your multi-studded earlobes in exchange for Claire’s gold school-style hoops. Probably sometime in the nineties, right?

But yes, it’s a jewellery phenomenon that can be worn by all. Whether you consider yourself a Scandi-wannabe with a specific (and minute) collection of structured jewellery, a maximalist devotee who favours statement studs or maybe even someone who can't remember the last time you decorated your lobes - this trend is sure to crop up on your shopping list.

So forget the over-complicated biology of helix, tragus and conch piercings (we don't know what's what either) and strip back to basics. Because hoops are back and they’re big news this season.

These are the style rules you need to remember RN:

Size Does Matter

We're talking hoops circa 1990. Remember when we were harking on about supersized earrings? Well, the same rules apply when it comes to choosing your hoops. Forget what people say, size most definitely matters.

Mismatch your hoops this season and don a similar pair to these [courtesy of Kenneth Jay Lane]

The weighty trend carries an equally heavy responsibility, as we embark on a shopping mission to source the mightiest of the mega trend. This season, anything goes and just as we mismatched our booties à la Céline, we're now mismatching your hoops.

Go Geometric

You needn't opt for nineties-esque hoops. If you regularly covet Scandi-esque tailoring, super-straight silhouettes and minimal hues (as though you've stepped right out of COS and rolled in a Ganni sample sale) - then these are one for you.

Play with geometric shapes this season [courtesy of Melissa Joy Manning]

Hoops needn't be predictable. Opt for geometric shapes, resin materials and wooden elements when shopping for your lobes. We recommend checking out cult jewellers Dinny Hall, Magpie On The Run and Monica Vinader. Nothing will look more desirable against a crisp, wide-cuffed shirt. Trust us.

Play Dress Up

This season we've gone all lady-like. Take inspo from royalty and political figures alike this season. With the likes of Jackie O and Princess Diana dominating the headlines, seek guidance from the icons who embodied grace and elegance.

Floating 18-karat rose gold diamond hoop earrings by Anita K

Opt for pearl or diamond encrusted earrings to decorate your lobes this season, (we're onsidering them an essential investment). We're still seeking sartorial inspiration from the late greats after all. Look to Rosantica for earrings drenched in pearls or Anita Ko for daintier pieces which hold an equally magic charm.

Shop the hoop earrings our lobes are lusting over this season below:


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