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Jennifer Lawrence Is Named The Sexiest Woman On The Planet By FHM

Jennifer Lawrence Is Named The Sexiest Woman On The Planet

Here at Grazia Daily we have thought for some time that Jennifer Lawrence is the best at, well, everything. She is the best at acceptance speeches, the best at GIFs, the best Dior wearer... we could go on. But now she has been officially crowned the sexiest girl in the whole wide world by FHM. That'll be a nice addition to her bulging trophy cabinet.

Last year it was Mila Kunis who received the gong, but this year she has slipped to sixth place. Jennifer is followed by (in order of sexiness) Michelle Keegan, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Kaley Cuoco. FHM Editor Dan Jude, said: “Congratulations to Jennifer on landing the number one spot. She’s run away with the title this year and it’s no great surprise. Not only is she the most in-demand actress on the planet, but men the world over have fallen in love with her kooky charm.”

In other sexy news, 54-year-old Nigella Lawson makes her 100 Sexiest debut in at number 21. It's also the first year for Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, who is in at number 45 (beating the Middleton sisters in the sexy stakes), while Cara Delevingne has entered at 54. Grazia girl Jennifer Aniston is in the top 100 for the 18th time, coming in at number 36 - surely she deserves a liftime achievement award for that?

It's not just the boys who have a soft spot for Jennifer Lawrence. On several occassions we have written odes to Jennifer, listing why we love her so much. There's (in no particular order) her GIF-able face. The fact that she went to a house party in Dulwich. That she fell over at the Oscars - twice. The video of her creeping on Taylor Swift. Those dreamy Dior campaigns. For going on Letterman in a duvet. For photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker. J-Law, never ever change ok?

Take a look at Jennifer's greatest style hits in the gallery below...

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