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Karlie Kloss Gets Naked Again! This Time For American Vogue And Mario Testino

Karlie Kloss Gets Naked Again! This Time For American Vogue And Mario Testino

If GraziaDaily were a model hailed as the new ‘Body’ (sorry Elle MacPherson!) then we’d probably get our kit off a lot. So it makes sense that Karlie Kloss – who is coveted by photographers, stylists, brands and designers for not only her fine feline features and slinky walk, but also her physique – is in demand for a lot of work including nudity, or at least a state of undress.

This week’s butt-nekkid Kloss comes courtesy of American Vogue. Anna Wintour and this All-American girl are no strangers to each other – Kloss has graced several spreads, but not yet a cover. This particular shoot accompanies a story penned by novelist and fashion journo Plum Sykes about the glamorous and popular spa, the Viva Mayr clinic in Austria.

Mario Testino is the man behind the eclectic shoot – with images ranging from the highly futuristic (with KK in a light therapy pod) to the ultra-natural (lying down in a woodland teaming with flora).

While the Victoria’s Secret Angel is no stranger to strutting around in minimal attire, not all of these US Vogue snaps are sans robes. Full taffeta skirts from Rochas or a Proenza Schouler technical lace dress make for very pretty cover-ups. So will this particular slice of exposure cause a furore?

We only ask because Karlie’s similar photo-shoots from the past have arrived with a bucket-load of controversy: a Vogue Italia shoot, titled ‘Extra Strength’ in 2011 sparked debate over whether Karlie’s super-slim frame was natural or a result of something less savoury. Then in 2012 the revelation that Numero magazine airbrushed Miss Kloss’ ribs out – something that the photographer Greg Kadel claimed to be unaware of – was brought to light.

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