'I Should Have Been In A Punk Band!' Keira Knightley On Music At 'Begin Again' Screening

Keira Talks Music: 'I Should Have Been In A Punk Band'

Keira Knightley kept up her impeccable promo tour frock record last night, wearing a gold sheer Simone Rocha dress to a Begin Again photocall and screening in London. Grazia Daily was there and can confirm from our second row seats (yes, we're that keen) that it was ever so pretty.

We've sure you've heard by now that we hear Keira SING for the first time in the film, with her describing the whole movie as "basically my first album." During a Q+A at the screening Keira's co-star James Corden asked her if she has ever been in a band? Keira looked horrified by this suggestion, but did reveal that she started a short-lived drumming career aged 14. Keira said: "My brother when I was about 14 was like oh girl drummers are like the coolest thing ever. He was a drummer so was like 'I've got to teach you how to be a girl drummer.'"

But their drumming sessions didn't go so well. "It ended in disaster," Keira confessed. "I think we did two sessions and I ended up hurling the sticks at him, so that was the end of my drumming career. I should have been in a punk band, that would have worked."


But Keira's co-stars James Corden and Mark Ruffalo have big ideas for a Keira Knightley singing career. Mark Ruffalo joked: "I have an idea for your band. Keira. Drop the e. Back up dancers." James Corden then chipped in and spoke at length about Keira's singing abilities saying:

"You're the white Janet Jackson. That's what people have always said about you. You'll see it in the film. The second she comes on, oh my god, it's the white Janet Jackson. On the front of the Evening Standard in tonight's edition is a picture of Keira sandwiched in between Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne. Immediately you're like, 'oh, they're the white TLC.' They don't want no scrubs. No way. Nuh uh. Don't go chasing waterfalls just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. And I think that's a lesson that we can all take away from this."

So could she quit acting and become a popstar? James said to Entertainment Now 'I think this is it. I think she's probably going to stop acting and become a pop star. I think she's going to announce some tour dates soon...'*

Did Keira's musician husband James Righton act as her music coach? Keira said in an interview: 'No he didn't. He just sort of went 'oh you'll be fine don't worry about it.' Thanks love! It could have been worse he could have said 'no don't do that.' But he said 'you should totally do it.'

See Keira's Begin Again wardrobe in the gallery below...

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