The Kim Kardashian Effect: Nude Lipstick Is Now Outselling Classic Red


The Kim Kardashian Effect: Nude Lipstick Is Now Outselling Classic Red

The Kim Kardashian Effect: Nude Lipstick Is Now Outselling Classic Red For The 1st Time In 3 Years

Although Team Grazia Beauty believe there will always be the time and place for a classic red lip, we couldn’t help but notice the swarm of angelic nude and blush-pink lips at this season’s shows.

It all began backstage at Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino, where this pretty rosebud palette took centre stage - think sheer pink stains and fresh fuchsia gloss. What’s more, stats released this week reveal that sales of natural, less-is-more lip shades are up 62% compared with this time last year, which is surely enough proof that the trend for a strong red lip is slowly dying out.

Whilst the staunch red-lip advocates amongst you might disagree, us beauty ladies reckon the latest stats might actually be onto something, but why the naked ambition?

Kim Kardashian (Getty)

As Sarah Stern, Debenhams' health and beauty director, said: "Even reality star Kim Kardashian has recently undergone a make-under toward a softer, more relaxed appearance." So, is this shift in sales down to our fave celebs?

There’s no denying that our make-up choices are heavily influenced by Hollywood’s hottest stars and we’ve seen more nude lips recently than we can even begin to count. Take this year’s Oscars, for example, where nude lips, subtle smoky eyes and luxe, contoured skin reigned supreme.

What’s more, according to sales in the beauty hall at Selfridges, there has also been a surge in nude nail polish shades to match our new favourite lip hue. Mark Tranter, prestige beauty buyer at Selfridges said “termed in the business as mannequin hands - brands such as Clinique, Nails Inc and Revlon have all introduced nude nail collections - of not just one nude, but a whole spectrum across the nude palette. This we see as a strong backlash against last year’s incredibly popular nail art trends."

*What do you think of the less-is-more lip? Would you ditch your red lipstick in favour of a subtle nude? Click through our gallery and check out our top 10 nude lipsticks…


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