What Makes A Winning Oscar Dress? See What Every Best Actress Winner Wore

Is it all in the dress?

The 89th Academy Awards will take place in Hollywood on Sunday 26th February, with Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Ruth Negga, Isabelle Huppert and Natalie Portman nominated for the Best Actress award. We're excited to see what the stars will be wearing on the red carpet, but in the meantime let's look back at what past Best Actress winners wore.

Have you ever wondered if there is a formula to a winning Oscar dress? Which designer has bagged the most wins? Which colour screams success? Our friends over at Big Group made this ah-mazing infographic, showing the dresses worn by every single Best Winner, from 1929 up to 2014.

Best Actress infographic

Last year's winner Brie Larson - nominated for her performance in Room - wore a royal blue Gucci gown, and 2015's winner, Still Alice actress Julianne Moore, dazzled in a beaded Chanel Couture dress.

Brie Larson in 2016 and Julianne Moore in 2015

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence picked up the Best Actress Award in her gorgeous, rather bridal, Dior Couture frock. She might not have be able to actually pronounce Haute Couture or walk up the stairs in the gown, but she looked amazing. And she's not the first Best Actress to have worn Christian Dior, as back in 2006 Reese Witherspoon accepted the award for Walk the Line in Vintage Christian Dior.

Reese Witherspoon, 2006, and Jennifer Lawrence, 2013, in Christian Dior

Valentino is of course a popular winner's choice, and he has dressed a spectacular number of Best Actresses including Cate Blanchett, Sophia Loren, Jessica Lange, Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Taylor.

Valentino said that dressing Julia Roberts - who won the Best Actress oscar for her performance in Erin Brockovich - was the highlight of his career. 'I have dressed so many people but I have to be sincere. The person that made me feel so very, very happy was Julia Roberts. When she got the Academy Award for Erin Brockovich I watched it on television and really I was so excited that she appeared in my dress,' the designer gushed.

As for the accessories it seems a Chopard is a lucky charm, as in 2004 Charlize Theron wore Chopard to accept her Best Actress Oscar for Monster, and then for ten consecutive years chopard was worn by an Oscar winner. A hint for this years' nominees, maybe?

What was your favourite dress? Flick through the gallery below to see what the winners of Best Actress and Best Actress in a Supporting Roles have worn to the Oscars


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