New Year, New Workwear – #HowTu Dress For The Office In 2017

The styles to give you confidence and make you stand out for all the right reasons.

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Restrictive suits, uncomfortable blouses, tight skirts… bleugh! Who needs it? It’s 2017 ladies, and it is possible to dress for work in style without bowing down to those age-old 9-5 vibes. Times have changed and we think the idea of power dressing should be about being confident in your own style. Basically, you don’t want your whole life to revolve around work, so neither should your wardrobe. According to a Grazia survey, 62 per cent of working women say they feel more confident in ‘fashion forward clothes.’ So in order to keep confidence high in the workplace, it’s out with the big shoulders and high heels and in with tailoring and trainers. We’ve teamed up with Tu to show you how to ditch some of your boring workwear and bring your own style into the office in 2017.

Plenty Of Pleating

Inspired by Gucci, Dolce and Fendi to name but a few, Tu's pleated midi dress makes a statement whilst still keeping it office smart. For the perfect pairing, team with a bold, colour-popping coat.

Clash Of Eras

Take a leaf out of the books of some screen queens who absolutely killed it in their workwear. We’re talking Christina Hendricks in Mad Men and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. Tu’s pinstripe suit over a classic, crisp blouse is one way to breeze into 2017 with a nod to decades past.

Feminine (And Oh So Retro)

Want to add a feminine touch to your workwear, but don’t want to appear overly girlish? A graphic pattern is your way to go. A flare, ruffle or pleat here or there will add that femininity factor you’re after. You can take inspiration from this number from Tu.

Where Smart Meets Casual

Cigarette pants with a timeless trench-coat- need we say more? Combine the cornerstones of classic workwear for a modern twist like this flawless combo. A standout lippy is a must here.

A Playful Touch

Buttons, pockets, metallic zippers and contrasting fabrics. It’s the details that count ladies. Pair this casual look with your shiniest work loafers to bring it back to business.

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