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The Palermo Effect! Stylish Olivia Shifts More Sunglasses Than Selena Gomez

Olivia Palermo Shifts More Sunglasses Than Selena Gomez

Some people have a knack for just wearing clothes. We're talking Alexa, Mossy, Cara... Shove them in a pair of Converse, a T-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans and those items will still sell out up and down the country. But there's one lady who's become a pro at sifting goods: Olivia Palermo.

The best, and most marketable way, for companies to get the 'fashion' stamp of approval is by collaborating with such style stalwarts. Which is exactly what Westward Leaning, the US-based sunglasses store, has done with Ms Palermo, creating a capsule collection of eight styles of sunnies which will be sold on Olivia's blog for $210 a pair.

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"No other person makes it into the top echelon, or has the kind of conversion power that Olivia has," the co-founder of Westward Leaning, Robert Denning, told WWD. "When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up, he left wearing the pair of sunglasses we'd gifted Selena. I thought it would lead to a huge spike in sales, but it didn't move the dial at all."

So what is it about Olivia Palermo that has the sartorial tills ringing? Well, she's got a style formula (killer sunglasses, collars, glossy hair, a statement necklace and prim hemlines) that she knows works, and she has HUNDREDS of variations on a good theme.

Olivia Palermo [Instagram]

She's also accessible and doesn't buy into the whole 'too aloof to post on social media' thing. Instead, you'll find her Instagramming and capturing every moment of her gorgeous jet-set lifestyle, appealing to our own ability to be inspired, as well as our Pinterest boards.

Olivia Palermo [Instagram]

Lastly, she's not afraid to have fun. Whether it's huge fluffy hats, even huger sunglasses or clashing colours, Olivia's not afraid to look a bit goofy, but pretty darn stylish too. Hats off to her. Click through Olivia's look book below to steal her style.

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