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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Returning To Our Telly Screens In ‘Busted’ Crime Series

Hurrah! SJP Is Returning To Our Telly Screens

*Happy news, people! Sarah Jessica Parker is about to return to our screens - and no, we're not talking about Sex And The City 3* (again). In fact, the star's much-anticipated reappearance on TV is via a new show that's WORLDS away from her Carrie Bradshaw days.

In fact, SJP is lending her talents to a based-on-reality crime thriller series created by the team behind True Detective*. According to E! Online, the show is based on the book Busted, A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love - although they wisely chopped it down to the much-catchier Busted*.

The book was written by a team of reporters who broke the news of an epic police scandal during a 10-month undercover investigation. As for Parker's role, she's due to play one of two female leads along with a yet-unnamed partner-in-crime (Lena Dunham please). But fret not about only seeing the style star in endless grey suits a la Clare Danes in Homeland because the pilot is being directed by David Frankel, the man behind The Devil Wears Prada. How fabulous!

So while we wait on tenter hooks for new details, let's take the opportunity to relive her finest acting moments through the years. It's been quite an evolution from a frizzy-haired Broadway kid to the biggest style icon TV's ever seen. Check it out...

1. Annie in 1979

What a cutie! SJP was selected for a role in the Broadway musical first in the small role of July but then she nabbed the lead role, playing the red-haired orphan for a year. What a killer set of lungs!

2. Footloose in 1984

Footloose was a huge break for an 18-year-old SJP, marking her first substantial role in a movie. She acted alongside Kevin Bacon, who she later confessed to having a major crush on, but 'we'd just kind of smile at each other,' she said.

3. Hocus Pocus in 1993

SJP, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy were cast as a family of witches, known as the Sanderson Sisters. It might have received negative reviews from critics, but when the film landed on video, it became a cult hit.

4. Ed Wood in 1994

Forget Bacon, Sarah Jessica knew she'd landed in the big league when she appeared opposite Johnny Depp in the critically acclaimed film Ed Wood as Mr Depp's girlfriend Dolores Fuller.

5. Mars Attacks! in 1996

Now it was time for some comedy science fiction directed by Tim Burton and starring Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, and Danny DeVito. Talk about good company! She played reporter Nathalie Lake whose head got switched with her, err, dog.

6. The First Wives Club in 1996

The actress starred as Shelly Stewart, a rather hateful and dim-witted mistress, but boy did she look foxy in that teeny red dress plus bombshell hair! What's more, she received a Satellite Award nomination for her portrayal.

7. Sex and the City in 1998

In the late '90s, the script for an HBO drama/comedy show was sent to Lady Parker. The show's creator, Darren Star, wanted her for his project and, despite some doubts about being cast in a long-term series, she agreed to take the lead role. Cut to five nominations and an Emmy Award later and Carrie Bradshaw has become a beloved TV icon.

8. Failure to Launch in 2006

In between SATC fun, SJP got her romantic comedy fix and teamed up with Matthew McConaughey (who else?) for Failure To Launch. Also brilliant: Zooey Deschanel in the essential BFF role.

9. Sex and the City, The Movie in 2008

Not content with bringing Carrie's story to live on the small screen, the SATC fun twirled into cinemas in 2008, complete with shoe-proposals, Charlotte, umm, letting herself go in the shower and THIS almost-wedding moment...

10. Glee in 2012

Hurrahs around the world were heard when it was revealed SJP would be guest starring in Glee, following in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson et al. She played a US Vogue executive, natch, who takes Kurt Hummel under her wing after he graduates and moves to New York. If you haven't seen SJP's rendition of 'Let's Have A Kiki' (oh yes), hit play immediatley:

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