A Saturday In The Life Of An Off-Duty Beauty Editor

Sponsored by Clarks

As I’m sure you’ll agree, Saturday is one of the best days of the week- lie ins, long walks, a moment to catch up with your family and friends, and time to tick off the bothersome things that have been piling up on your to-do list. All of which are a lot more hassle-free when you’ve got a banging wardrobe that can work around you. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Clarks to bring you a day in the life of an off-duty Beauty Editor- Samantha Freedman.

11AM-A long morning shower, and a lengthy skincare and make-up routine later (or so my boyfriend says) and I’m ready to hit the road. Saturday mornings for me are all about brunching with my girlfriends somewhere local and fresh, like Greenberry in Primrose Hill. I opt for something super classic, jeans and white shirt, both of which go perfectly with these classic loafers.

1PM- After brunch I like to scout out the happenings at the local Primrose Hill food market, I have plans to go to a friends BBQ later, early evening, and know it’s the best pit-stop for locally sourced ingredients, great organic meat and unusually quirky alcoholic beverages- rosé-in-a-bag anyone?

3PM- Saturday afternoons are made for pampering, so I like to take this time to indulge in an amazing pedicure. No one quiet looks after my totties like Cowshed. Their Ultimate Pedicure rectifies every source of hard skin, hang nails and haggard cuticles. I make a quick change into some open toe wedges, which thankfully wont smudge my newly painted coral toes.

5PM- When the weather shines in London I'm all for walking, it beats the sweaty tube any day. Luckily because of the additional padding under my soles, and the supportive ankle strap the camo wedges make my walk home totally breezy and bearable.

8PM- BBQ time! I slip on a light summer dress with this seasons hottest oriental print, and keep things really casual in flat sandals. Perfect grass attire. Sunny summer nights in London are made for amazing barbecues with friends, there really nothing better.

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