The 8 Items That Will Revive Your Spring Wardrobe

Last month’s catwalk marathon might have provided us with plenty of brilliant fashion inspiration for AW17, but we’re more into instant gratification (or should that be grazification?) when it comes to getting our shopping fix. Which is why we followed the action off the catwalks and onto the streets, where fashion’s fearless front line have been busy trialling brand new trends for SS17. First up, the five pieces to shop right now, from timeless, transeasonal trench coats and candy-stripe bags to… it-socks. Yes, really – Gucci and Vetements have both done pairs, or try Topshop’s take for just £3.50 (then you won’t mind so much when you find a hole in the toe). Once you’ve bagged you must-buys, it’s time for step two: the three simple styling hacks that will shift your look firmly into new season territory – even if you’re still wearing last season’s stuff. Ready? Then let’s hit the streets…

1. Trans-seasonal trench coats

It’s not every day that a fashion trend actually considers practicality, but the trench coat (as seen on every street style star worth her salt) ticks both our style and substance boxes. Well, who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

2. The mini-mule

Part mule, part kitten heel, this is a trend double whammy – and you don’t even need a pedicure. Where do we sign?

3. The tailored trackies

If you were wondering how grown-ups can wear athleisure, here’s your answer. But no matching zip-tops, please and thank you – one piece of kit is plenty.

4. The statement sock

Statement socks? Has the world gone mad? Perhaps – but at least your shoes will never smell.

5. The stripy shoppers

If prints are new to you, these will add interest to navy and denim neutrals. But if you’re a card-carrying member of the print club, go for it – clash against checks, florals, or even more stripes.

6. Belts and corsets

Nipping in your coat at the waist is the quickest way to update your silhouette for spring - and anything goes, so long as it's layered over your outerwear. Search the bottom of your wardrobe for a corset, bumbag, or you know, a normal belt, and go at it.

7. Red and pink colour clash

Last season's pinks + this season's red = clashy-happy magic. If your fellow commuters stare, you're doing it right.

8. Cuffs

Since frilled or inflated sleeves don't layer well, the exposed shirt cuff is the springtime alternative. And since oversized shirts make for extra-long cuffs, try shopping a size up or venturing into menswear.

Check out where you can shop the look in our gallery below:


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