Straw Bags: The Accessory You Need This Spring

Ok, so while it’s definitely feeling spring-ier out there, balmy it is is not. Which is why the latest bag trend might seem a bit bonkers – beach baskets, without a beach in sight. And yet – we really ruddy want one.

Why? Well, for one thing, they’re super roomy - if there’s space for a hamman towel, then there’s definitely space for your packed lunch. And for another, once the weather veers into bare skin territory, your go-to leather cross body will start to look a bit too wintery.

Plus, they tend towards the cheaper side, since they’re made of, erm, straw – Bohemia’s 34 quid version is spot on, but if you’re looking to invest, Mark Cross makes an uber-luxe version.

We’ll be wearing ours to the office, but then, there’s no such thing as a dress code at Grazia HQ (no one blinks an eye at our bejewelled pool slides or supersized earrings). But if 'office appropriate attire' and 'raffia shopper' are mutually exclusive terms for you, fear not. Use yours to carry leeks back from the greengrocers, a book to the park, or even your sticky socks to pilates.

We’ve just one word of advice: save the multi-coloured pompoms for the beach, or risk looking like a bit of a fashion basket case…

Check out our gallery to see where you can shop the trend:


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