The Cool Girl's Guide To Dressing For New Year's Eve

What to wear to see in 2017

New Year is nearly here. How has that happened? For some it’s the pinnacle of the social calendar — some throw money at the same night they’d have had £100 cheaper on any other day of the year, be it through clothes, tickets or transport — and for others, it’s a black mark on an otherwise-pleasant festive period.

Whichever category you fall into, there’s no excuse not to look your best — bring in the new year looking excellent. There’s got to be something in that.

So, we’re here to help you decide what to wear on New Year — to avoid a Cher Horowitz festoon of potential outfits and inexplicable pink face (minus the electric outfit chooser — sob) and to hit whatever club/restaurant/party/sofa looking your bring-in-the-new-year best…


For an occasion where there’s almost certainly going to be some manner of sparklers or candles, an oversized ruffle seems like an unnecessary danger. Ignore the hazard-conscious haters, we say. Be careful, as with all other days of the year, near open flames and go for the XXL-est ruffle you can find. A shirt is arguably the easiest way to wear a ruffle, but it can be a little prim when you’re trying to let loose at a party. In this case, we recommend a top or dress over jeans. Just avoid bare legs — you’ll inevitably spend more time outside than you intended and violent shivers won't add anything to your entrance.

Over-The-Knee Boots

We’ve seen it done well by Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid this year, who’ve mastered the balance of a NSFW boot and I’m-a-real-adult clothing. Unless you’re the global face of just about every brand on the planet however, we’d avoid anything too slinky. It’s just too much of an effort and as you’ll want your New Year to be an evening of fun rather than damage control (or a jolly mix of the two), it’s safer to go with an oversized dress or something with avoids the leg window between boot and garment.


2016 has been the year of sheer so why not see it out with a bang? We thought 2014 was its hey day — with RiRi’s near-naked Adam Selman dress and everyone at awards season — mais non. In fact, quite unexpectedly, the celebrity fashion crowd proved it was something you could do while staying SFW (meaning: suitable for work). No, you say. Yes, just look to Jessica Alba’s red lace skirt over a striped shirt at the Valentino show, and Diane Kruger’s more vampy black lace skirt. That’s how it’s done.

Party Suit

Before you ask, yes they’re now acceptable wear for the normal woman. Championed by babe of the year Kristen Stewart, she proved that you can wear a tailored two-piece and look smoking hot (and not too try-hard). Though tops are optional in K-Stew’s book, we can see an ill-timed nip slip while singing Auld Lang Syne isn’t an anecdote you want going down in the guests’ New Year histories, so a simple silk slip top will save your dignity without frumping the look. The same goes for red eye make-up. While miraculously K-Stew made it a thing, it’s one to attempt with caution. If you think it will look more conjunctivitus than cool, stick with a subtle smokey eye or worn-in liner look.

Slip Dress

There’s not been a year, since the 90s, where a simple slip hasn’t been a totally acceptable item to wear to pretty much every occasion. Whether worn with a trainer (this year, we’d probably go for a Nike Cortez or a Vans Old Skool — yes, still) or an over-the-knee boot (think Chrissy Teigen or Kendall Jenner), it’s the Jo Malone candle of occasionwear. It’s always appropriate. Just make sure you don’t go for a style with too much back — it’s a fine line: lower than your bra line, whether you wear one or not, is a little risque.


The sumptious fabric is made for the festive period and New Year is its last hurrah. Avoid OTT oppulence by opting for the fun pop shades we saw at fashion week — minty green at VB, aqua at Sies Marjan and denim tones at Eckhaus Latta.


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