7 Reasons We Are Excited For The Winter

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Urgh, we’re beginning to enter that gloomy period where we wake up before the sun rises. How is that even legal? There is some light to be shed on the (literal) darkness though, as we are excited for one or two… or seven things this winter:

1. Tis the Season to Indulge

From luxuriously fluffy coats to meals with a billion courses, “oh go on, it’s Christmas” is a statement that always suffices.

2. Christmas Itself

Everyone has Christmas spirit, even those who claim to be grinches. There is special music, gift giving (and receiving), and beautiful lights everywhere. It’s like your birthday, but everyone’s in on it! Eat, drink, and be merry!

3. No More Expensive Pedicures

Open toed shoes are obviously not winter wear. Replace your favourite flats with a pair of these beautiful boots- the Othea Ruby in dark tan from Clarks. Aside from their gorgeously crafted shape, sturdy leather and chic stitching, no one can judge your chipped pedicure for the next few months.

Looking for inspiration on how to best style the Othea Ruby boots? Fashion Bloggers Kayla Seah and Silvia Garcia have nailed it.


You can see how Kayla styles the latest trends on her instagram here, while you can find Silvia’s instagram here.

4. Winter Wardrobe

It’s time to get out those scarves that have clogged up the cupboard for the past six months. Winter means weather you can actually predict, so you won’t be caught out in the rain wearing a white summer dress (argh, yes this has happened to me). It also potentially means snow, and snow is fun.

5. Cosy Nights

“Hey, do you want to come out tonight?” “Sorry, I’m sooo busy.” Busy cuddled up on the sofa! Nights in with your friends, significant other, or on your own are the best. Grab those PJs, blanket and TV remote pronto.

6. Festive Drinks

We LOVE the festive drink menus in coffee shops. Cinnamon lattes are just the start; every year a new menu is introduced, tastier and more warming than the last. And, when you overdo it on the egg nog and mulled wine, hangovers favour cold air way more than summer heat.

7. Bikini Bods? Ha, NOPE!

Bikini bodies are so last season. Dining out is obligatory across the Christmas period and it’s practically law that you eat and drink as much as possible on the day itself. If you are conscious about anything though, fake that figure with a pair of body fitting tights. Done.

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