The Beret Is Back

Oui, c'est vrai!

It’s the epitome of Parisian chic. Thrust into the sartorial spotlight courtesy of Hollywood icon Faye Dunaway circa Bonnie and Clyde and '60s screen siren Brigitte Bardot, the wool topper instantly became a fashionable hit.

Faye Dunaway in 'Bonnie and Clyde'

With connotations of France (it’s a stereotype which lies alongside baguettes and frogs legs), the sixties (freckle-faced model Twiggy famously championed the trend) and elegance ('Moi?').

Twiggy coveted the trend in the sixties

The quintessentially French accessory notably experienced a re-run in the nineties, as cult classic Clueless, introduced us to Cher Horowtiz. Decked in head-to-toe tartan, the idolised American high-school student taught us how to achieve peak chic, armed with thigh-high boots, yellow plaid co-ords and a fluffy pen.

Cher brought back the beret in cult classic, 'Clueless'

And the beret has infiltrated the fashion scene once more and instead of embodying the spirit of a try-hard artiste/the high-school elite, the beret has now earned its spot atop the heads of Insta-bloggers.

And it’s no wonder, as our desire to revisit the past is greater than ever before. Not only are we still excessively regramming ‘90s Kate Moss, we’re adopting countless retro gone-bys from Champion hoodies to lycra leggings.

No longer is it enough to pay tribute to bygone eras through old-school tumblr pages and disposable-effect filters, as fashion is readily embracing forgotten gems.

Just look at the latest release of Jackie for instance, the fash pack instantly seized the opportunity to imitate the former First Lady six decades later, thriving on her iconic Chanel suit and tendency for cold-shoulder dresses. Evidence that we’re still seeking inspo from the late greats.

The fash pack are seeking inspo from retro greats this season

And the beret is no different, as we desperately attempt to achieve nonchalant chic with the slight tilt of the Parisian headgear, a sartorial nod to the bygone French staple.

So channel the look this season with the help of the street style set.

Exhibit A - how the microtrend has taken on a whole new meaning:


Main image courtesy of blogger Paulina Steposwka. Make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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