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Veil Or Garland? 10 Hot Tips For Finding Your Perfect Bridal Headpiece

How To Find Your Perfect Bridal Headpiece


So you've found the perfect dress. You've got your something blue. But the decisions aren't over just yet: what are you going to do about the headpiece? Are you really a veil person? Is a floral garland a little, well, Glastonbury? Can you pull off a veil of Kim Kardashian proportions? We turned to Emily Baxendale the designer behind Emily - London for her 10 hot tips...

1. DO... enjoy the ideas process and experiment with lots of different styles. Headbands and hair accessories are like hats in that different styles suit different face shapes. While you may come back to your first instinct, it is definitely worth trying a variety of designs so you can gauge what really works best for you.

2. DO... dispel the myth that you need to choose between a veil or a headband/hair accessory. The two can work together wonderfully, it's just about balance and blending the overall look.

3. DO... remember that bespoke milliners can also give you the option of detachable veils. This summer it has been a popular trend for our brides to wear the veil for their ceremony and day-time reception, and then to remove the veil and leave their headband/accessory for the evening reception.


4. DO... embrace current trends and experiment with colour in your headband/ hair Accessory. Halos are a huge trend this year and we are seeing some wonderful looks from our brides where they are styling classic ivory dresses with halos ranging from deep lavenders to vibrant yellows.

5. DO... leave enough time to have your headband/hair accessory ready for you hair trial with your hairdresser. This way everyone knows exactly what they are doing on the day, so there are no last-minute panics.

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6. DON'T... let the headband overpower you. As a general rule of thumb we say the bigger the headband, the bigger the hair needs to be.

7. DON'T... create a look that is too matching or contrived. The best bespoke pieces and the most current looks are headbands/hair accessories that complement and blend with the dress, as opposed to 'matching' it.

8. DON'T... be afraid to discuss your ideas with your milliner, however unsure of them you may feel. Our goal is always to create the perfect headband/ hair accessory for each individual bride and the more we can understand about how you would like to feel on your wedding day, the easier it is for us to uniquely tailor the design process.


9. DON'T... be swayed by too many conflicting opinions. Stick to your own instinct. You know yourself better than anyone and the most successful fittings are when our brides come with a maximum of two other trusted people. Big groups may be fun, but often result in the bride becoming a little overwhelmed.

10. DON'T... forget that while you are trying the headband/hair accessory on in front of a mirror and in a stationary setting, it will need to stay secure for the duration of your wedding. Do discuss with your milliner the option of discrete loops on the underside of the piece, where grips can always be added if you have concerns about it staying in place.

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