Fishnet: Your £4 Shopping Fix

How often can you buy into a trend for only four quid?

Here’s the thing: we’re bored to death of wearing our jeans day in, day out, but we’re also way too cold to take them off. Which is where the fashion set’s latest styling hack comes in – and it’s as simple as, well, putting on a pair of tights. Or rather, layering a pair of fishnet tights under your favourite jeans. Sounds peculiar, we’ll admit, but this is a great way to update distressed denim – and how often can you buy into a trend for only four quid?

Depending on how much fishnet you’ll be flashing, experiment with different gauges – think finer nets on bare ankles, or super-spaces out whale nets if you’re braving ripped knees. Kendall and model Romee Strijd have gone one further, letting their fishnet waistband show over the top of their jeans, but please note, this is extreme fishing: only to be attempted if you’ve got washboard abs to rival these two Victoria’s Secret girls. Since our January detox didn’t quite go to plan, we’ll be skipping the ab section and wearing our nets with cropped blue jeans and loafers for outre ankles. Ready? Then let’s go fishing…


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