The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Rainy Day Footwear

Because no-one likes people who wear wellies in the city…

The same thing happens every year: it gets to June, we have a few blazingly hot days and we pack away anything that’s not swimwear, straw bags or sandals.

Then, England remembers it's England, the skies open, we all get drenched walking to the tube and spend the day sitting bare foot at the desk with our shoes on the radiator, vowing not to step outside without a closed toe for the rest of the year.

Though it’s tempting to risk it on a semi-grey morning, nothing will ruin your new Bimba Y Lola rope sandals like a flash flood. So, instead, here’s what you should wear when your weather app says: rain…

Veronika Heilbrunner

Hiking Boots

Just when we’d got used to (and over) a zero heel, there’s a new even more practical footwear trend: the sensible boot. And, unsurprisingly, the chunky shape and construction chic laces make them ideal for the wet weather. Look to Acne’s Telde style for bootspiration.

Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert

Prim Pumps

It’s the unlikely rain shoe. Though the pump isn’t #1 for coverage, they’re watertight and the silhouette balances the probably-puffy outer-layers. Everyone went mad for a midi but, if you can face a couple of extra inches, they will make up for in style points what they lose in walkability.

Kate Foley

Skate Shoes Yes, still. Though we’ve pretty much reached saturation point now the Vans Old Skool is on the feet of approximately 92% of millennials, the skate shoe is a rain survivor. The rubber sole is high enough to stop the immediate soakage and the suede is rain-resistant.

Camille Charriere

High-Shine Boots

Metallic vs patent… Whatever your finish of choice, they’re the fash pack’s favourite way to get around a grey day. They strike a good balance between made-an-effort and sensibly water-resistant. Wear under a trouser or skirt, making sure there’s no skin window in between.

Leandra Medine

Sporty Sneaks

The obvious dashing-out-the-door footwear choice when the forecast says rain, though the trainer won’t keep the water out for too long, they’ll survive a good soaking. Fine for days you can put them on the radiator at work, ill-advised if you’re running between appointments.

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