How To Dress Like A Scandi

Come fashion month, street style photographers are sworn into the four capitals renowned for sartorial talent - London, Paris, Milan and New York.

We expect a fashion peacock or two in the British capital, a sea of Gucci-clad bloggers in Milan, Parisian chic à la France and power dressing come New York.

But over the past couple of years, Scandinavia has risen from the shadows as an unlikely contender in the sartorial stakes. And for good reason. The Scandi set serve up a seemingly inimitable aesthetic with zero effort (or at least they make it appear that way).

Residents of Copenhagen and Stockholm in particular, continually prove to even the most qualified fashion devotees that practicality needn’t trump style, (bloggers travel to shows by bike after all).

So in celebration of our northern neighbours' envy-inducing clobber, make sure to check out our top tips on how to fake it as a Scandi this season:

1. Scandi dressing is not restricted to a muted colour palette

Often when you read about Scandi fashion, it emphasises the street style set’s adoration for muted hues and head-to-toe black. And although the Danish and Swedish alike thrive on crisp white shirts and floor-skimming trousers to layer over their Stan’s, the Scandi set aren’t afraid of colour. In fact, last season bloggers were spotted coveting rainbow faux furs, slogan tees and sequins galore.

Watch out monochrome devotees as rainbow shades are set to take over

But remember that even though the Scandis embrace trends, they interpret them in their own way. Ganni was behind the influx of the cult pineapple print tees and powder pink cable-knits while primary coloured suits were paired with Adidas sneakers, designed to tackle Copenhagen’s quaint cobbled streets no doubt.

So don’t be afraid to embrace quirky prints, slogan emblazoned tees or rainbow faux furs. Just tie them in with Scandi fashion staples - Adidas kicks, Acne leathers and basket bags (yes, even in winter).

2. Practicality is cool now

We’re not just talking trainers here, though they are a key sartorial player to take note of, as slip-ons, backless mules, babouche shoes and Vagabond boots all contribute to a wearable yet fashionable uniform. The Scandi fash pack favour floor-skimming duster jackets, oversized Acne leathers and t-shirt/blazer combos when the cool weather hits.

And when the sunshine peeps through, the Nordic bunch dig Ganni cult tees, extreme-cuff shirts and raw-hem jeans out from the back of their wardrobes.

Only those well versed in the rules of Scandi dressing nail effortless chic

But the sartorial key when dressing Scandi-style is making it look effortless so when donning maximalist sleeves and strappy leather mules, drape a blazer over your shoulders and opt for a cross-body bag. Then hop on a bicycle.

3. Don’t stop sporting athleisure just yet

It’s the trend that keeps on giving. Silky trackpants, Champion hoodies and tinted aviator sunnies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In true Scandi style, shop the Wood Wood x Champion collection or invest in a Double Trouble personalised sweater this season.

Athleisure needn't be casual, pair with boots and tinted aviators for a more dressed up approach

If you fancy opting for a maximalist approach, ditch trainers for embellished, strappy heels and keep your phone in a minute clutch.

4. Supersize your sleeves

The bigger the better. Bloggers have been coveting maximalist sleeves for the past few years, and each season seems to get more daring.

Supersize your sleeves this season for maximum impact

Whether you favour flute sleeves or wide-cuffed shirts, the fashion world is your oyster. Simply half-tuck your top into flared trousers or jeans and you're sure to do the Scandis proud.

5. Channel this cult '90s trend

One trend that crops up at the biannual fashion week was bred in the nineties yet remains an absolute fashion corker. Simply layer a silky spaghetti-strap slip dress over a logo-emblazoned tee and finish with converse, (note that the Swedes often favour Comme Des Garcons here).

Layer a sleek polo beneath a silky spaghetti-strap slip dress

When the cooler weather blows in, throw a bomber jacket over the ensemble and shade yourself from the winter sun with a pair of oversized sunnies.

6. Colour block

Why covet head-to-toe black when you can drench your wardrobe in rainbow hues this season? We've already made a case for sunshine shades after lusting over this season's collections so embrace the trend and clash vibrant hues this month.

Channel this season's most coveted colour combo

We particularly love the highly coveted pink and red combo that still dominates our Instagram feed. Simply don the traffic light shade and accessorise with complimentary pink. It's perfection when snapped on camera.

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