Top 10 Tips For Festivalling Abroad

Top 10 Tips For Festivalling Abroad

As much as we love heading to the good old English countryside to play around in the mud to the sound of our favourite bands, this year, rain is officially out for some of us. Festivalling abroad has never been so good – from Coachella in Cali and Spain’s Benicassim (a classic, obvs) to Italy’s Vertigo and Serbia’s Exit Fest – and we’re determined not to miss out.

But just ditching the wellies and packing your nineteenth ninth bikini won’t do. To make sure you make the most of your musical mini-break, here’s our definitive guide to festivalling abroad.

1. First things first: hangovers.

You’re suffering from the usual suspects: headache (that glass of warm vino you downed), that morning-after taste in your mouth (did I smoke last night?) and, of course, crippling nausea (all of the above, with added tequila). BUT it’s 30 degrees. And it’s only getting hotter. You feel like this:


It’s even more important, for your own ability to function, that you remember the painkillers – and even more water.

The good news is, there’s nothing like a dip in the sea to bring you to your senses. And you’re right near the beach – wahey!

2. WTF happened to everything I own?

Losing your mobile at festival on home soil is annoying – but it’s nothing compared to losing your passport and boarding passes home abroad. Avoid being actually marooned forevermore (or, at least until you can either a) locate items b) get to the British embassy) by ensuring your tent is locked/your stuff is in your frigging bag. HEY, WHY NOT TRY A BUMBAG?

3. WTF happened to everything I own? PART II

Losing your tent – it could happen to anyone. But it’s probably going to happen to you. Avoid this at all costs – just to be sure, give camping a miss altogether. Wouldn’t you rather wake up to a clean shower, a working toilet and a balcony with a view? Of course you would. And it won’t even cost you that much. With companies like Airbnb - who are in over 34,000 cities worldwide - you can rent off the locals and even get a taste of the culture whilst you’re there. No brainer.

To be clear, your options are THIS:

Festival camping


AIRBNB in Benicassim

One of Airbnb's amazing apartments on offer in Benicassim over the summer. Think about it.

4. Do your research.

The beauty of an international music festival really is just that – discovering international bands. Just make sure you know what you’ve got yourself in for before heading over. It could be the best weekend of your life, or it could be like this:

Festival fail


Guys, that totally rad new festival outfit might look amazing. But remember you’re out all day in the sun and you’re gonna look like a muppet in the office on Monday. Oh, and wear sunscreen. Also see – Getting Naked.

Tanlines fail

6. Getting Naked.

It’s fricking hot, you’ve been drinking since lunch and suddenly, clothes are the last thing you want holding you back. “You’re free, dude,” a voice quivers in your head. “Get rid of those fabric chains, they’re stifling you.”


Do not do it. The European attitude to nudity might be lax but, unless you want your nakedness all over the internet forever more, this is not the time or the place. Plus, you’ll probably burn your bits. (SEE TANLINES)

Umbrella dancing. This girl is at Bonnaroo, 2010. However, it looks like this wherever you are in the world. You have been warned.

8. BUT don't be a party pooper, obviously.

At Sasquatch in 2009, this guy created a mini dance-fest all of his own accord. Do a little dance now in tribute to the awesomeness of what just happened in this video.

9. Hey, we all care about the environment. But don't be this girl.

She fell in love with a tree.

10. And definitely don't be this guy.

(If you can help it.)

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