Auburn Hair: How To Get The Perfect Shade And Maintain It

Auburn hair is commonly described as being a rich deep red shade or a reddish brown. Those who naturally possess red hair make up just 1-2 percent of the population, but it is a shade that is experimented with by the Hollywood A-listers again and again. Some actresses like Emma Stone who are not naturally redheaded have found success in dying their hair red - it becoming part of their signature look. Emma has debuted red shades across the colour spectrum, from strawberry blondes to dark red/almost-brown shades.

Emma Stone and Julianne Moore are famous Hollywood redheads

Even natural redheads such as Julianne Moore and Isla Fisher have used colour enhancing hair dye to bring out richer and brighter tones. It's definitely a coveted hair colour.

Amy Adams, like Emma Stone, is naturally blonde, but she too has found that dying her hair a red/gingery colour has set her apart from other actresses, and she has got more work as a redhead. (We also think she suits ginger hair better than blonde...) Amy, too, has tried various intensities of red: in Tom Ford's 2016 psychological thriller Nocturnal Animals her hair was a darker and more sultry auburn red than her normal tangerine shade (to complement the character's opulent lifestyle in the film) and the effect was dramatically stunning.

Amy Adams in 'Nocturnal Animals'

Would I Suit Auburn Red Hair?

Anyone can experiment with red shades in their hair, but as ginger hair is mostly synonymous with ivory skin tones, it's suggested that it suits pale skin most naturally.

Auburn Hair With Highlights

Contrary to what may be assumed, redheads can still experiment with highlights, lowlights and ombré. You can opt for bright, coppery-gingery highlights to bring dark red shades to life, or add deep reddish brown lowlights to gingery shades to add more dimension and keep your do on trend.

And you don't need to shy away from balayage either; ask your hairdresser for the best shades to complement your colour - putting strawberry blonde highlights through dark red hair has a very desirable effect.

How To Maintain Red Hair Colour

Unnatural red hair is not easy to achieve or to maintain. Before you make the commitment of becoming a redhead you should consider the work that will go into keeping the shade from fading. Firstly, you should refrain from washing your hair for 48 hours after getting the dye put in. When you do wash it, choose sulfate-free, colour-safe shampoos and conditioners (see gallery below for recommended products) and rinse it with cool water so you don't strip any of the colour.

Red hair will fade easily when exposed to UV rays or too much heat, so use heat protecting products when styling your hair, and consider using a UV protectant spray in the sun.

You may need to use colour enhancing products from time to time to keep the colour rich and vibrant. You may not need to revisit the salon to do this as there are great at-home products on the market.

Auburn Hair Dye

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You can achieve red hair at home without having to take a trip to the salon, but this is easier if you're after a block of one red colour rather than multiple shades in an ombré or highlighted fashion. Also, it is easier to dye over lighter hair, so if you're unsure consult a hairstylist, especially if this is your first time as a redhead. And if you're new to dying your hair, always do a patch test first. If you'd prefer to get professional help at a salon, you can still use colour enhancing products and treatment masks in between appointments.

Flick through the gallery to see the best products for dying your hair red and maintaing the colour


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