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Beauty SOS: How To Care For Coloured Hair

Beauty SOS: How To Care For Coloured Hair

Whether you're after Chloe Norgaard stylee neon-tastic locks or the caramel highlights of the LA set, knowing which shade is right for your skin tone can be difficult. We've rounded up our team of experts to help point you in the right direction for how to pick the perfect colour and give you tips for how to keep your colour bright and glossy...

1. Hannah Phillips, Colour Director at Taylor Taylor London - Hippy and the Holistics set

'It's important when choosing a new hair colour that you pick something that compliments your skin tone. If you have a pale ash skin tone, always pick something warmer to give you a instant lift. For pinky warmer skin tones always stay clear of red colours and stay more on the natural/cooler side to keep you from looking flushed. To keep your colour vibrant it is best to use a sulphate free shampoo - this'll stop the colour from fading and keep it brighter for longer. The Hippy And The Holistics shampoo, elixir and conditioner BE GIFTED trinity set is the perfect after care range for your colour.'

The Hippy And The Holistics shampoo, elixir and conditioner BE GIFTED trinity set

2. Marc Trindall, Creative Director, Charles Worthington, London Lights Service

'Choosing the right colour can make or break a haircut and your entire image. For me, it's working with your individual skin tone as well as combining with a technique to best compliment your style. At Charles Worthington Salons, we offer a free consultation and write a bespoke recipe to suit personality, hair type and lifestyle. The general rule is keep to cool or warm tones - this depends on your natural base and reflection of tone. I think it is down to examining those tiny reflections in the clients eye colour - using those naturally lightened glistening tones mirrored into the hair is so rejuvenating. Our brand new 'London Lights', service is the perfect package to start when thinking about a new look. A Senior Master stylist will start with the in depth consultation, evaluating the colour choice and placement for haircut. The hair is then cut in a natural free flowing way to work with the natural movement. Colour is then applied using a balayage technique to enhance the cut and movement and this is then processed and styled afterwards.'

The London Lights combined cut, colour and style price is from £185 at Charles Worthington: 0207 631 1370

3. Grace Keates, Head of Training, Bleach London, Bumble & bumble Creme de Coco set

'When deciding on a new hue you firstly need to decide if your skin tone is better suited to warm or cool colours. If you have warm skin you should look to choose a warmer shade of colour such as gold, yellow, red or bronze. If you have cool shaded skin you should look to choose blacks, cool ash browns, cool blondes or icy white. Always take your make up and clothing into consideration before changing the shade of your hair as this can change the colours which will suit you. The best place to find inspiration and trend advice is the catwalk and accompanying features in magazines and blogs. There are also many Instagram accounts including Bleach’s which are dedicated to hair trend prediction and advice (bleachlondon). Your stylist can give you advice on what products to use to help maintain your colour and style your hair at home. Bumble and bumble have a great range of products for all hair types such as the Mending and Quenching range and Deeep which contain protein to care for brittle hair and Crème de Coco and Super Rich which rehydrate hair that is dry and lacks shine.'

4. Olivia Purvis, What Olivia Did - Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly

'Thankfully, I'm pretty lucky my dad's a hairdresser - cue late night hair appointments in the kitchen when my ombre needs a little topping up. In general hair-spiration comes from the likes of a certain Miss Chung- although I do lean towards the perfect Palermo waves from time to time. The Herbal Essences 'Tousle me softly' set is great for conditioning - but not making hair too much like baby hair'.

5. Lucy Nicholls, Snippets of Shiny Thoughts - Moroccan Oil

'I always lust after the perfect red tone and am inspired of course by Florence Welsh, but mainly by bloggers like Lua Perez, Ebba Zingmark and Olivia Harrison -they've inspired me to go lighter and brighter! I think using Argan Oil is saving my hair at the moment - Moroccan Oil is perfect.'

6. Amy Marks, - Remington Hair Dryer

'Inspiration wise, I'm not so sure where it comes from. Bloggers, magazines, Tumblr... I've been a redhead on and off (but mostly on!) since I was twelve and going blonde was a big move and it took several stages through orange (which I loved) and yellow (which I hated.) I'm only just now really happy with the colour! I recently bought a new hairdryer and it has improved my hair no end. Buy a decent dryer - they don't have to break the bank! Mine is Remington Pro Ionic Ultra 2200.'

7. Tor Cardona, Grazia's Covering Beauty Co-Ordinator - Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash, £17.95

'When my hair is feeling less than platinum perfect, I always turn to this gorgeous lavender-based shampoo. The intense, deep-purple colour of the product never fails to excite me and it works wonders on brassy, yellow tones. It’s quite drying, though, so just use weekly in place of your regular shampoo to revive tired highlights in-between trips to the salon.'

8. Grazia's Beauty Editor, Lauren Murdoch Smith - Kerastase’s Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur, £15.12

'Seeing as the sun is out and I’m off on holiday soon, hurray, I thought I would share my holiday hair colour keeper secret. I’m fairly low maintenance when it comes to beauty whilst I’m away which is why I love Kerastase’s Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur, £15.12 because it comes in a spray pump formula. As well as protecting your colour from UV damage, it’ll also give your hair a healthy shine whilst poolside. Genius!'

- By Daniela Morosini of Couture and Crumpets

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