How To Pull Off A Pixie Cut - Whatever Your Face Shape

The best pixie cut hairstyles

It's arguably the hardest hairstyle to pull off, but also, one of the chicest. No, we're not talking about poodle perms (cause no-one, repeat, no-one can pull that off past 1980) - we're talking about pixie crops. Depending on the wearer, and indeed the cut, this style can look gamine and chic, or edgy and punky. It can bring out delicate features, or compliment stronger ones - or, it can go horrifically wrong and make you look like someone's mum. And not in the cool, Elle Macpherson, yummy-mummy way.

Pixie cuts for thick hair

With a slew of starlets now braving the chop again, we thought it was time to re-examine the pixie cut and why it can sometimes be so stylish, and sometime fall flat on it's face. Lily Collins debuted a sharp, short cut this week which was a stark depature from her usual coquettish, 1940s vibe, and gave her an incredibly cool, rockabilly vibe. Another success story has to be Michelle Williams, whose piecey-yet-pretty chop was the work of hair genius Sam McKnight. Sam told us of this cut 'Michelle allowed me to give her quite choppy ends while still keeping some more softness in the body. It meant she had both this edgy feel as it was quite a punky crop, but still this kind of feminine vibe to it."

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Pixie cuts for round faces

Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Hudson

The secret, we reckon, is probably in hair type. Both Michelle and Lily have thicker, more naturally textured hair types which immediately means the style has more body and movement than someone like Jennifer Lawrence, whose mid-length style we reckon suits her better.

Pixie cuts for fine hair and pixie cuts with fringe

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Richie

The same goes for Nicole Richie, who's changed her hair colour so many times we wonder if she is in fact part chameleon, who has fine hair - it just makes the crop flat and harder to zhuzh up. We also have to give kudos to Halle Berry who basically invented the modern pixie cut, and newcomer to the short hair gang, Jennifer Hudson, who's curly 'do is beyond cool.

Pixie cuts for oval shaped faces

If you've got a heart or oval shape face, this style is especially flattering - even more so if you've lucked out on the genetic lottery and have quite sculpted cheekbones. If you're not sure, thing about what your hair looks like after washing if you do nothing. Short styles require more upkeep, and if your hair has a tendency to go flat, you might need to reconsider. And hey, if it does go wrong? Extensions are faster than Viviscal.

Pixie cuts for curly hair

You can even work a pixie crop if you have curly hair - just take Halle Berry's word for it.

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