How To Do A Top Knot and Make It Look Good

The rise of the top knot bun

Top knots have become the Instagram it-pack’s go-to hairstyle, spotted everywhere from red carpets and runways to Coachella festival selfies. And of course, is rocked as part of an off-duty look by models of the moment: the Hadids and the Jenners. But how do you make a top knot look like Kendall-Jenner-off-duty-hair rather than slept-in-no-time-to-wash-hair-and-just-popped-to-the-gym-hair? Well, don't fret, it's easier than you think.

How to do a top knot bun (with long or short hair)

Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr and J Lo all rock a top knot

The simplest and quickest way to throw your hair into a top knot is to start by sweeping your head upside-down. Now start to pull the hair together around the top of your crown. Flip back upright and twist the long ponytail piece before curling it around into a doughnut shape on your head. Secure in place with a fun hair band or kirby grips. (Those with shorter hair may need to use more kirby grips if tendrils come loose at the back of the head.) Once you've mastered this you can start to personalise your top knot with a fringe or braids by pulling bits of hair out at the sides.

How to do a half up topknot

Just like with a regular top knot, a half up top knot is easy to achieve. Just section your hair - depending on how much hair you want to tie up - and then do the top knot twist and tie. Simple!

Are top knots cool?

Top knots and buns are a year-round favourite among A-listers and the fashion pack. Why? They're simple, stylish and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, from evening glamour to laidback chic.

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have made top knots cool

So, to help you nail the look, we’ve rounded up some pictorial inspiration for you. From Gigi Hadid's braided bun and Charlize Theron's three-tiered red carpet up-do, to Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Baldwin's loose off-duty top knots, there’s plenty of try-it-at-home ideas.

And if a high top knot isn’t for you, you can still tap into the trend with a cool and casual bun. We love how Lauren Conrad dresses up her loose and low ballet bun with beaded accessories. Why not wrap a ribbon around yours to add a refined feminine touch?

Check out the chicest top knots and buns in our gallery below for more A-list ideas and inspiration.


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