Christmas Hair For All Hair Types And Budgets

If you’re anything like us and got caught up buying presents for everyone around you and forgot to book in your annual Christmas mane appointment, try not to panic too much. We may just be able to help you create your most celebrated statement look yet.

Grazia have teamed up with Rosewood London Salon Hair Stylist Matthew Curtis along with his team, Artistic Director Jason Collier (whose work includes A-Listers Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Sienna Miller) and hair extension specialist Raphelle Saint Marshall (check out her Instagram) to inspire and instantly update your Christmas or New Year hair according to your budget.

Strapped for cash: Blow-dry

What are the more affordable services offered at Matthew Curtis, Rosewood London?

‘Clients of the Matthew Curtis salon in Rosewood London often forget they’re just of High Holborn in Central London. The new salon’s train carriage design draws inspiration from The Orient Express and the luxury of high living, so customers feel as though they’ve left the hustle and bustle of the outside world and are on a journey to somewhere much more opulent and luxurious.

My expert team will be able to advise customers on the best styles, blow dries or hair ups for any occasion, ensuring you sparkle under the Christmas lights. Intensive hair treatments are also available to ensure the most luxurious, high shine result.’

Prices start from £45

Mini splurge: pop of colour

What colouring techniques and shades are hot at the moment? Any techniques that will look great for Christmas but also last well into the new year?

‘In Winter, a popular request is to tone down blondes, warm up brunettes and perhaps go for the chop.

This year, blondes continue to opt for natural, ‘free hand’ strand colouring techniques such as balayage which is a really easy look to maintain and means you can extend wear between salon appointments. Brunettes also want in on the trend, and adding a few highlights is a great way for them to spice up their winter look.

The best bit thing about balayage at this time of year is its cost-effectiveness with prices starting from £120 – that means more cash to spend on Christmas gifts and drinks! Ease into the trend by asking for just a few highlights to contour and frame your face for the party season. If you love the effect, you can go for more in the New Year once the bank balance has recovered!

Or alternatively opt for a root stretch, where your natural or desired root colour is pulled through your hair to create either a natural tonal difference or something more contrasting. It’s a great way to get longevity out of your colour, and prices start from £80.'

Blow the budget: hair extensions

Who should invest in hair extensions? What can clients expect from them? Do they require aftercare? Length of appointment?

‘The most common – and incorrect – assumption people make when it comes to extension is that they’re for younger women who want really long hair. Actually, extensions are ideal for anyone not blessed with natural thick hair. Investing in high quality hair extensions can quite literally change your life, as anyone who’s tried them will tell you. Those who benefit most from extensions are those whose natural hair has never been able to hold a style, and those who struggle to grow hair around the sides of their head, which results in a flat appearance. Correctly applied, keratin bonded hair extensions will never damage your natural hair and can last up to 6 months with absolutely no maintenance in between.

Aftercare is simple: invest in a soft bristle brush which will glide over the bonds without catching, tie your hair in low ponytail before going to bed to avoid pulling and wear, and make a habit of gently running your fingers through the bonds to keep them separate.

We use Great Lengths hair extensions, which are made from 100% Indian hair which is ethically sourced and never disappoints. We colour match extensions to each client’s hair colour.

Consultations for this service are free of charge, and the application process can vary from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how many bonds the clients requires.’

Prices start from £250

To book an appointment call 0203 747 8830 or online

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