How Grey Ombré Became The Fashion World's New Favourite Hair Colour

Seriously covetable

Ombré's and balayages are continuing to reign in hairworld and we are more than fine with it. Okay, we are thrilled.

Not only does it mean more time between hair appointments (see:roots are to be seen, not heard), it also means that we can experiment with tones and colours we otherwise would have naturally shied away from.

This summer was all about blush pink balayage, but the look we are coveting this winter is the smokey grey ombre (or ‘grombré’ for those with a penchant for a nickname), which is a moodier switch up from the girly pink hue. Think 50 shades of grey without wanting to hide it on the Tube with a perfectly-positioned copy of Pride and Predudice.

Don't be mistaken that grey ombre is only for those who are currently channeling fishnet socks and bras as outerwear (we salute you btw), as the shade can also look pretty and demure. Your Granny will definitely approve the mesmering blends of lilac and grey (and will be no doubt be flattered her hair colour is the hottest trend right now).

To achieve grey, BLEACH Salon Manager Sapphire Lewis told Grazia, ’The principles for achieving grey hair no matter what the effect are the same - hair is bleached evenly to the palest yellow and then toned. It just depends on the toner for how deep you want it, if you want it steel-like, if you want it more violet, more blue or light and silvery.'

Here are all the best grey ombre looks to inspire your next hair appointment a la your dear Grandma...


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