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How To Use Hair Chalk, The Rainbow Hair Technique For Commitment-Phobes

How To Use Hair Chalk - The Rainbow Hair Technique For Commitment-Phobes

Remember hair mascara? Well thankfully hair chalk is nothing like it. So with that niggling fear put to bed, let’s ask: what exactly is hair chalk? Can it be used on dark hair? Where can I buy a hair chalk kit? And why is everyone raving about it?

Is hair chalk a new thing?

This follicular phenomenon has actually been swishing around town since 2011, but now it's gone mainstream and is perfect for adding a temporary hit of colour to festival or holiday hair. Especially you can't hack the commitment or wouldn't dream of rocking rainbow hair to the office.

What is hair chalk?

Where traditional methods involve products that genuinely are sticks of chalk used by girls on the street who couldn’t afford anything fancier, recent releases by the likes of L’Oreal (Hair Chalk Polish, £15) and Bumble and Bumble (Spray Chalk, £15) - to name but a few - are liquid products. They can be applied to strands of hair – however you should desire – and then turn into a powdery chalk, giving you a subtle colour that fades away between two and 10 washes later. If you do prefer the sound of that classic chalking approach then hit up Bleach for their Hair Crayons, at just £4 a pop.

Can I use hair chalk if my hair is dark?

When choosing your crayons, Loren Miles of BLEACH London advises: 'Select crayons based on your hair colour, for dark hair give pinks a try, and Washed Up Mermaid for best results - avoid darker colours such as Out Of The Blue. All colours look great in light hair, the blue’s look great on red heads.'

Here's her top tips on using hair chalk:

1.Use the crayons to draw shapes on the side of hair that is tied up in a tight pony tail.

  1. Brush coloured hair afterwards to separate the hair and to dust of the excess.

3.When the crayons have been applied, hairspray in a little after to prevent loss of colour.

For best results, we'd also advise:

1. Twist the hair as you chalk. The texture from twisting makes the chalk release more pigment.

2. Don’t chalk your hair too often - you’re using powder pigment on the ends of your hair and that can suck up a lot of natural moisture. Be sure to treat your hair to a coconut oil hair mask after the colour wares off to help rejuvenate and restore your locks.

3.Doing updos or plaits with chalked hair is ideal because it won't rub off on your clothes as much.

4.Beware your bed sheets - hair chalks may play mischief during the night and transfer onto your linen, so consider putting down a towel.

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